The exposure Dongye drugs many times for the song addiction day for inspiration e2140

The song is to find inspiration Dongye exposure drug addiction a day. Many times Song Dongye Sina entertainment news folk singer Song Dongye was arrested on drug-related incident, once again raised public concern on the star’s private life is healthy, the case is still in the ruling, but Song Dongye brokerage company modern sky has sound clear recognition of its detention. Today there are insiders to the media exposure Song Dongye private photos, and broke the Dongye marijuana song overweight has been good for many years, and a large drug addiction. Finally, on the purpose of Song Dongye’s drug, the insider said: he said that in order to have creative inspiration." But for this reason, the insider also said: "the so-called ‘inspiration’, I feel like to say no to drugs." Sina entertainment to verify their brokerage firm, the other no response. According to the insider revealed that he was in the music festival years ago met Song Dongye, when he had begun to take drugs, and unscrupulous in front of others marijuana. In recent years, insiders and Song Dongye have been kept in touch, and revealed that Song Dongye has been smoking marijuana, or even drug addiction, a few days to suck a few times, seems to have several years of age. In addition, the insider also exposed to the media a number of Song Dongye private photos and circle of friends screenshot, from these pictures to see the usual life of Song Dongye is no exception. (JZB) statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: