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The figure skating Grand Prix Yu Xiaoyu Zhang Hao Pairs Championship – ending in the new network was held in Xinjiang on the ice movement center in the rain Zhang Hao’s "2016 – 2017 national figure skating Grand Prix" skating game won the championship. Liu Xin, Urumqi, September 25 (reporter Sun Tingwen) at the Xinjiang Ice Sports Center held in the "2016 – 2017 national figure skating Grand Prix" curtain fell on the evening of 24. Demolition of the reorganization of the Yu Xiaoyu won the adult group of double slider champion, Peng Yang Yang won the runner up in the first place of the group of people in the United states. It is reported that in early May this year, Chinese national team decided to pair skating partner re combination was originally in the rain Jin Yang, Peng Cheng Zhang Hao pairs into Zhang Hao Peng Chengjin Yang in the rain. "2016 – 2017 national figure skating Grand Prix" national skating competition is the highest level of competition, the contest is the first event held in Xinjiang, organized by the State Sports General Administration of Chinese winter sports management center, the competition is divided into men and women’s single skating, skating, adult adult dance group on ice; youth groups of men and women in single skating, youth group, youth group pairs, ice dancing and other 8 projects. Xinjiang ice sports center is located in the southern suburbs of Urumqi City, at the foot of Tianshan Mountain, elevation 1650 meters, is currently the world’s highest altitude ice rink. The thirteenth winter sports Chinese will speed skating, skating and curling competitions are held here at the beginning of this year. It is time to participate in the Grand Prix of the flowers more than smooth skating master in the stadium cut gold and silver medals in the rain, partner Jin Yang had won the thirteen Winter Games skating champion, and the king of poetry? Liu Xinyu gains ice dancing champion again in the stadium. During the two days of the game, from all over the country, the team of Representatives, nearly 120 of the top flower skating experts at the foot of the Tianshan staged a beautiful ballet on ice". (end)相关的主题文章: