The first section report Houston Rockets 21-24 scoring ruin a good sun sports Sohu-sichen

The first section report: Houston Rockets scoring ruin a good 21-24 suns – Sports Sohu Beijing time on February 20th, the NBA regular season continues, the Rockets away against West underdog sun. After the first quarter of the battle, the Rockets were 21-24 behind the sun. After the Rockets Beverly opened the scoring drought ruined a good start to attack a very strong desire, just 1 minutes 3 pitches, but only the opening of the first ball hit. Chandler, an air relay dunk, continued to score for the sun, while Howard, who was against him, did not do it, and even took 4 points to retaliate. After that, Beverly and Harden continued to fire, and the Rockets got a 13-6 wave of attack to get ahead. Then the two sides have fetched two rounds, but the Rockets are in the last paragraph of the first section. The cold period, up to 5 minutes without a field goal, only by Breuer’s two free throws. The direct 10-2 wave of attacks hit quickly. The first section of Harding Park, the Rockets to 21-24 behind the sun. The starting lineup: Rockets: Ariza, Josh – Smith, Howard, harden, Beverly Suns: Tucker, Ruhr, Chandler, Booker, Goodwin (time)

首节战报:休城得分荒葬送好局 火箭21-24太阳-搜狐体育  北京时间2月20日,NBA常规赛继续进行,火箭客场对阵西部弱旅太阳。经过首节的厮杀过后,火箭以21-24落后太阳。   火箭得分荒葬送好开局   贝弗利开场之后进攻欲望非常强烈,仅仅1分半钟就投了3球,但只有开场的第一球命中。钱德勒一个空中接力扣篮为太阳继续得分,而与他对位的霍华德不干了,连投带罚拿到4分予以回敬,此后贝弗利和哈登继续开火,火箭轰出一波13-6的攻击波取得领先。此后两个回合双方都有进账,然而火箭却在首节末段陷入到手冷期当中,长达5分多钟没有一个运动战进球,只靠布鲁尔的两罚全中得分。太阳直接打出10-2的攻击波迅速反超,首节战罢,火箭以21-24落后太阳。   双方首发阵容:   火箭:阿里扎、约什-史密斯、霍华德、哈登、贝弗利   太阳:塔克、鲁尔、钱德勒、布克、古德温   (时光)相关的主题文章: