The first snowfall in northern Shenyang

Today the first snow in northern Shenyang may usher in the first snow today may usher in Shenyang the first snow this winter, particularly sleet, will be in the coming day today. However, most areas of the city’s leading or rain, for the rain magnitude, sleet may occur only in the northern region of Kangping, Faku etc.. Today, the highest temperature is 7 degrees centigrade, the temperature does not seem low, but there is little wind assists, body temperature will drop down, go out or feel very cold at night, and the minimum temperature can be reduced to -7 without the c! Tomorrow is the last day before heating, although the weather is sunny, but within the next week the coldest day, the highest temperature is only 0 degrees, down to the lowest since the second half of this year, we will have to wear warm clothes. As long as the day has passed, not only the heating has come, but also the weather has begun to rise slightly. Next Tuesday morning, the lowest temperature is only -8 degrees, but the highest temperature during the day will rise to 4 DEG C, than the previous day at about 4. Next Wednesday and Thursday, the temperature continues to rise, the highest temperature is expected to rise to 8 degrees Celsius to 9 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature will rise to more than 0 degrees Celsius, but the southwest wind is too large, outdoor activities to pay attention to fire prevention. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang net reporter Liu Ying

今日沈阳北部地区可能迎来第一场雪 今日可能迎来沈城第一场雪   今冬的第一场雪,具体说是雨夹雪,就要在今日白天如约而至了。不过,市内大部分地区的主角还是冬雨,为小雨量级,雨夹雪可能只会出现在康平、法库等北部地区。今日最高气温在7℃上下,这个温度似乎并不低,但是有小北风助攻,体感温度会降下来,出门还是会感觉挺冷的,而且晚上最低气温可就毫不留情地降到-7℃了!   明日,也就是供暖前的最后一天,天气虽然转晴,但却是未来一周内最冷的一天,最高气温只有0℃了,降到今年下半年以来新低,大家可要穿得暖和一些。只要熬过了这一天,不仅暖气来了,天气也开始逐渐小幅回升了。   下周二早上,气温最低只有-8℃,好在白天最高气温将回升到4℃上下,比前一天高出4℃左右。   下周三和周四气温继续回升,最高气温有望升回8℃到9℃,最低气温也将回升到0℃以上,但是西南风偏大,户外活动注意防火。   沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者 刘莹相关的主题文章: