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The Guiyang Wuhan girl in the shop she managed to retain a number of Sohu and the chowhound! Is a leading Guiyang creative Hot pot restaurant trend of beef from the slaughterhouse to the table will not exceed 3 hours to form new Xuan Yong, good times and have no Lun Leng, service first choke!! Today, we should introduce not their home dishes but they are our way home store manager — Huang Jianzhi Huang Dianchang Huang manager and not Guiyang locals, but from Hubei of Wuhan. As a child growing up in the first tier cities, she always felt that the city of Wuhan too fast rhythm, not in line with her own character. The hotel management school in Hainan, returned to Wuhan to work for a few years, because the private is willing to come to Guiyang, and deeply in love with the city can enjoy life in a small city, so they decided to come to work family life. We Guiyang people shy cover his face because of the opportunity to laugh, Huang ran two years ago came to the meaning of the Department of cooking beef cattle Road shop, is also associated with this shop together to grow up. When I first arrived in Guiyang, what are very satisfied, that is a bit lonely, but in the Italian job, after the company to build a platform, but also slowly opened his own communication. Whether it’s a customer or a colleague, you’ve become a good friend. Manager Huang has been referred to "trust" and "sincerity" of the two words in the interview process, she believes that as a manager, do a lot of things, such as the old customers to the store to eat, sometimes regard single point rights to her, because she can point out that delicious dishes, but also not she worried about a pile of very expensive dishes. Boiled dishes in addition to fresh and delicious dishes known outside, the service is quite in place. As a manager, staff training and she never careless. If she is her early, early in the morning will patrol a shop on every corner of a number. If the night shift, she will open a regular meeting, make a summary of the status of the service business, make a confession to work tomorrow. Manager Huang think do catering, to ensure their own food and service, is almost not what happened. So she would ask a lot of all the minor details. She often visits the station so as to be able to understand the needs of customers for the first time. She felt the good service is to have with the heart of the customer, the customer a look can guess what he needs. (small voice: that they really do too spicy! There is a small dinner, a dish too far, Xiaobian want to take and feel shy to take, standing next to me who looked at me and gave me the heart to the end is coming!!) The feeling of being the waiter who deeply love it. Because the ox tide service, both dynamic and human, so I want to ask whether there is what Huang manager besides books unique concept. She told me there was no secret. More importantly, the business and life is the same. Carefully, and sincerity can be, not from the heart, there is no shortcut. Our employees are dynamic, because there is no worry. And this, as manager of the responsibility. And in the yuan相关的主题文章: