The head of the radical political organization in Hongkong was arrested for inciting riots in Mong

Hongkong radical political leaders were arrested on suspicion of inciting riots organized 28 year old Zhang Mong Kok was taken away by police arrested the owner Huang Yang, accused of alleged riot. Original title: Viagra seized on suspicion of inciting riots in Hongkong Mong Kok radical political leader was arrested in Hongkong news agency, 22 February, on suspicion of inciting others to participate in the Hongkong riots in Mong Kok "local Democratic Front" spokesman 21, police arrested Yang huang. At its hiding place, the police seized a number of bomb making chemicals, electromagnetic guns and other prohibited weapons and impotence drugs, and seized about 530 thousand Hong Kong dollars in cash. Riots in Mong Kok have lasted more than 10 days. 8 days to 9 days of riots at the beginning of Huang Yang station in Mong Kok, gathered on the roof and commanding the masses. During the riots, but on the morning of the high-profile have never been heard of since, radio interview that, "not very fierce brick throwing action". After the riots in Mong Kok, more than 20 members of the local democratic front were arrested. The 11 day in the online publication of the so-called "Huang Yang would rather die than disgrace" remarks, has been missing. Because of suspected of inciting others to riot Huang Yang, the police have rounded up to the Tseung Kwan O home, to their relatives and friends questioned and wanted to no avail. According to "Sing Tao Daily" and other media reports, Huang Yang to escape the past more than 10 days hiding in Tin Shui Wai flats, rarely appeared. During the period, it was found by the police and Huang Yang trace, hotline, police tracked to determine its hiding place. On the afternoon of 21, police covered the target unit and broke into uniform. The police arrested in the house and the hiding Yang Huangtai family surnamed zhang. A man surnamed Zhang involved riot and assist criminals. Inside the house, the police seized a large amount of cash and contraband, including a telescopic baton, protective equipment, 100 aphrodisiac, "V" mask, an electromagnetic gun and a batch of chemicals. Chemicals, water agents and solids, including ammonium nitrate that can make bombs, three silicon dioxide and polyethylene glycol, etc., can be fired by electromagnetic guns. The police are still searching for 530 thousand Hong Kong dollars in cash, and are investigating whether anyone donated money for the riots or someone is prepared to abscond. A total of 72 people, including 63 men and 9 women, were arrested in the riots in Mong Kok, according to the news issued by the police at 9:30 pm on the evening of 21. The police are continuing to investigate the case, and more people are not arrested. To the early establishment of radical political organization "local Democratic Front" Huang Yang, once successively in Sheung Shui, Tuen Mun, to "defected goods passenger" name, insult, provocation of mainland tourists. (Editor): editor in chief: SN184

香港激进政治组织头目被捕 涉嫌煽动旺角暴乱 28岁张姓房主被带走 被警方拘捕的黄台仰,被指涉嫌参与暴动。 搜获的伟哥   原标题:涉嫌煽动旺角暴乱 香港激进政治组织头目被捕   中新社香港2月22日电 涉嫌煽动他人参与旺角暴乱的香港“本土民主前线”发言人黄台仰21日被警方拘捕。在其藏匿的居所,警方检获一批可制作炸弹的化学品、电磁炮等违禁武器以及壮阳药,同时检获约53万港元现金。   旺角暴乱至今已逾10日。8日至9日旺角暴乱初期,黄台仰站在车顶指挥群众集结。暴乱期间,不知所终,但当日上午高调接受电台访问时指,掷砖头“不算十分激烈动作”。   旺角暴乱后,警方拘捕20多名“本土民主前线”成员。11日黄台仰在网上发表所谓“宁为玉碎,不作瓦全”的言论后,便一直失踪。由于黄台仰涉嫌煽动他人参与暴乱,警方曾到其将军澳家中围捕,又向其亲友查问不果,于是展开通缉。   据《星岛日报》等港媒报道,黄台仰为逃避追捕,过去10多天匿藏于天水围一个公屋单位,甚少露面。期间,有人发现黄台仰踪影,遂通过警方热线举报,警方追踪确定其藏匿位置。   21日下午,警方掩至目标单位破门而入,制服疑犯。警方在屋内拘捕黄台仰以及将其藏匿家中的张姓男子。张姓男子涉参与暴动及协助罪犯。   在屋内,警方检获大批现金与违禁品,包括一支伸缩警棍、保护装备、100粒壮阳药、“V煞”面具、一支电磁炮与一批化学品。化学品分水剂与固体,包括可制炸弹的硝酸铵、另三氧化硅与聚乙二醇等,电磁炮可发射子弹。   警方还在屋内搜获53万港元现金,正调查是否有人捐助作暴乱经费,抑或有人准备潜逃之用。   据警方21日晚9时30分许发布的消息,旺角暴乱至今共拘捕72人,包括63男9女。警方正继续调查案件,不排除有更多人被捕。   黄台仰去年初成立激进政治组织“本土民主前线”,曾先后在上水、屯门等地以“反水货客”为名,侮辱、挑衅内地游客。(完) 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章: