The length of the river water quality in Nanjing is dominated by the leaders of the party and govern-adobe gamma

The water quality of the Nanjing river is long. The length of the water quality is mostly from the party and government leaders in the area. This year is the first year for the state to carry out the "water ten item" national examination. After the "river length system", Nanjing also set up the river water quality with "long section". Yesterday, Nanjing announced the "13th Five-Year 22" surface water test section "section list of long, modern express reporter noted that most of the" section "by the district Party committee and government leaders as. Modern Express reporter An Ying ZAKER of Nanjing province 22 test sections, including Qinhuai, New River, the Qinhuai River, Taurus lake, Shijiu lake, water quality from class III to V range. According to the different water quality, the assessment years are also different. For example, the sluice sluice section in New River, Qinhuai, it is required to achieve the third class water standard in 2016. The Dragon King Temple interface of the South River reaches the fifth class water standard in 2017. Modern Express reporter learned that the current Nanjing section, most of the distance short of the target of 1 grades, but there are a few sections away from the target gap: jiezhizha section of Nanjing, the target for class III, the actual water quality worse than grade V, 3 grades, the main reason is that ammonia exceed the standard; Seven Bridges urn section the goal, as type IV, the actual water quality worse than grade V, 2 grades, but also exceed the standard of ammonia. The so-called section refers to a method of sampling in water in order to monitor and determine the water quality. Generally speaking, in a position of river water, the river water line to the upper bound for the lower bound, on both sides of the channel slope, forming a cross section". Because the river is constantly flowing, the environmental protection department determines the water quality of the whole river by testing the water quality of the cross section. Sometimes, the length of a river is long, and it should be tested at multiple locations. Nanjing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau responsible person, "section of long" responsible for water quality improvement work related to the organization, coordination and promotion, to control pollutant sources, drainage pumping station management, the black odor River remediation and other related work section to improve the quality of the specific implementation, to implement the four section water quality improvement work plan, funds, project responsibility. The office of the leading group on the prevention and control of water pollution in Nanjing will regularly inform the water quality standard of the cross section.

南京设置河道水质断面长 多由辖区党政一把手担任   今年是国家开展“水十条”国考的第一年,继“河长制”后,南京又设置河道水质“断面长”。昨天,南京公布了全市“十三五”22个地表水省考断面“断面长”名单,现代快报记者注意到,大部分“断面长”由辖区党委、政府“一把手”担任。   现代快报 ZAKER南京记者 安莹   22个省考断面中,包括秦淮新河、外秦淮河、金牛湖、石臼湖等,水质状况也从Ⅲ类到Ⅴ类不等。根据水质的不同,考核的年限也有区别,比如秦淮新河的节制闸断面,就要求2016年要达到Ⅲ类水标准,城南河的龙王庙界面2017年要达到Ⅴ类水标准。   现代快报记者了解到,目前南京的断面中,大部分距离目标还差1个等级,但也有少数断面距目标差距较大:南京的节制闸断面,目标为Ⅲ类,实际水质为劣Ⅴ类,差3个等级,主要原因是氨氮超标;七桥瓮断面,目标为Ⅳ类,实际水质为劣Ⅴ类,差2个等级,也是氨氮超标。   所谓断面,是指为了监视和测定水质状况,在水体中采样的一种方法。一般来说,在河流水体某个位置,以河底为下界,水面线为上界,两侧为河槽边坡,形成一个“横截面”。由于河流是不断流动的,环保部门通过检测断面的水质,来判断整个河流的水质情况。有时,一条河流长度较长,要在多个位置选择断面检测。   南京市环保局相关负责人介绍,“断面长”负责对断面水质改善相关工作的组织、协调、推进,做好控源截污、泵站排水管理、黑臭河流整治等断面水质改善相关具体工作的落实,实现断面水质改善工作的方案、资金、项目、责任四落实。南京市水污染防治工作领导小组办公室将定期对断面水质达标情况进行通报。相关的主题文章: