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The man approached 5000 street girl tips classes a little brother to Qingdao, on the street or shopping malls, approached nearly 5000 more than girls, the girls received the WeChat two thousand or three thousand, with dozens of girls, I would like to ask, what does he want? What would you react if you were talking to you on the road? Being harassed? Do you meet a liar? In fact, the boy in the video is on the way to a lot of girls’ contact on the streets. Before the 33 year old man name mark, claiming to be a street in Master, he provided the video, mark on various occasions and different strange girls, in his own words: to contact the high success rate. This is the result of more than two years, and he is very proud of the result. So, what’s the reason for him to go to the streets and talk to unfamiliar girls? After experiencing several emotional failures and suffering from too few girls’ resources, in 2014, imprinting began to self study Street chat skills on the Internet and applied to actual combat. After breaking the psychological barrier, the mark began to accosted the girls on the street, and of course, talking to strangers, success and failure. Go meet beautiful girl accosted, ask for contact, mark is also attracted a lot of people despise. Even if a lot of white eyes were encountered, the mark still persisted on the road. Summed up the experience and skills of accosted. The imprint began to see the class, and the tuition in the 17 class was 8000 yuan. According to himself, there are more than 10 cadets studying with him. For this street mark approached, ask the girl contact, and further dating practices, Xu reservations. But our reporters interviewed him, you can feel his confidence, perhaps, this also gives a lot of Indoorsman, Indoorswoman provides a way to exercise, brave out, improve their communication skills. Source: Qingdao network broadcasting station

男子街头搭讪5000女孩 总结技巧开班授课   一位青岛小哥自称,在大街上或者商场里,搭讪过将近5000多位女孩,收到女孩的微信两三千个,跟几十个女孩约会过,我就想问问,他到底想干啥啊?   如果你在马路上遇到这样跟你搭讪的,你会有什么反应?被骚扰?遇到骗子?实际上,视频里的这位男生,就靠着这些各种各样的搭讪方式,在街头上要到了不少女生的联系方式。   眼前这位33岁的男子艺名印记,自称是一位街头达人,在他提供的视频里,印记在各种场合和不同的陌生女孩搭讪,用他自己的话说:要到联系方式的成功率颇高。这是印记两年多来的战果,说起这个成绩,他显得很骄傲。那么,是什么原因让他走上街头,去搭讪陌生女孩呢?   经历过几次感情失败,苦于身边女生资源太少,2014年,印记开始在网上自学街头搭讪技巧,并且应用到实战中。突破心理障碍之后,印记开始在街头搭讪女生,当然,跟陌生人搭讪,有成功也会有失败。   以貌取人,遇见漂亮女孩上前搭讪,索要联系方式,印记的做法也招来了很多人的鄙视。   即使遭遇了很多白眼,但印记还是在这条路上坚持走了下去。总结了搭讪的经验和技巧,印记开始看班授徒,17节课的课程收费8000元,据他自己说,目前有10多名学员跟着他学习。   对于印记的这种街头搭讪,索要女孩的联系方式,并进一步约会的做法,老徐持保留意见。但是我们的记者说,采访他的时候,你能感受到他的自信,或许,这也给很多宅男、宅女提供了一种锻炼方式,勇敢的走出家门,提升自己的交流技巧。   来源:青岛网络广播台相关的主题文章: