The Ministry of environmental protection to terminate the fifth nuclear emergency response and no ab

The Ministry of environmental protection to terminate the fifth nuclear emergency response and no abnormal radiation environment – Beijing, Beijing, September 14, according to the Ministry website news, for the fifth nuclear test in September 9th North Korea North Hamgyong Gilju Fenxi of the Ministry of environmental protection on the same day at 8:35 (Orange) started two emergency response, after 6 days of continuous monitoring no abnormal radiation environment, on September 14th at 8:30 in the morning, announced the termination of the fifth nuclear emergency response condition. Environmental protection department said that as of September 14th 5 in the morning, the northeast border and the surrounding area 38 radiation environment monitoring station real time continuous air absorbed dose rate, 26 aerosol sampling and 18 sampling points, 4 gas iodine precipitation sampling and 5 sampling points of the sediment samples, as well as 1 inert gas in Dandong the sampling points were not detected in samples of artificial radionuclides, monitoring data of more than 5400, in the local background radioactivity index range. In Jilin, Liaoning and Shandong 4 emergency monitoring group according to the preset patrol line to carry out air absorbed dose rate of mobile monitoring; in addition, in Jilin Province, Tumen Hunchun District launched the 3 UAV low altitude flight air absorbed dose rate monitoring, in the Hunchun region to carry out 2 drone surface contamination nuclides, combined with military related monitoring results show that the radioactivity level of China’s northeastern border and the surrounding area, did not find any abnormal. The Ministry of environmental protection (NNSA) meteorological data were calculated and judged on the tracking path of the spread of radioactive substances may use and the National Meteorological Bureau, according to the calculation results, the nuclear test such as radioactive material leaked, the migration trajectory of radioactive substances should leave China in September 12th, east to the sea of Japan, so we can judge the North Korea fifth nuclear test does not produce radiation effect on our environment. The environmental protection department said, in response to the nuclear test, the Ministry of environmental protection in the northeastern border and the surrounding areas of the configuration of the large mobile physicochemical analysis laboratory in Changbai Mountain and established emergency pool north frontier command room and laboratory, investment personnel 646 people, more than 110 vehicles, large-scale monitoring equipment more than 170 sets, the UAV 3 aircraft. In the range of 300 km depth in the border area with dense population and key sensitive targets arranged a portable emergency monitoring points, construction of three emergency monitoring of environmental radiation solid defense. As long as the territory of radioactive contamination leakage and diffusion to China, the Ministry of environmental protection (NNSA) can be the first time to the monitoring, the relevant data is timely release to the website, convenient public access, timely and stable morale. Ministry of environmental protection also said that the state of emergency response to terminate, but monitoring will continue. Ministry of environmental protection will continue to focus on the border area of the radiation environment for automatic monitoring, early warning monitoring, regular sampling analysis and monitoring. Northeast border and surrounding area radiation environment automatic monitoring station real-time continuous air absorption dose rate will continue to open.相关的主题文章: