The more chaotic the more calm constellation (Figure) mide-031

The confusion more cool sign (Figure) more confusion more cool sign which signs one very calm, and the scene is more chaos, the more they can hold live audience. First name: Scorpio no matter when and where, Scorpio is like a hard but not to destroy the iceberg, quietly standing there, who do not know what they have to, what’s next, just feel like a wheel mount in their mind on the game of chess, and Scorpio is the use of the highest crisis the principle of processing, rapid place, ready to find countermeasures, in the chaotic situation to break the siege, escape. Second: Virgo Virgo is very sensitive, easy to nervous person, but they always make such mood well hidden, or is transformed into qiuhaoxinqie chatter, let others know. Furthermore, in order to maintain in front of people, smart mind everything in good order and well arranged image, they must suppress heart strong fluctuations, trying to become a beacon only in the tempestuous waves chaos, we lit the hope of survival, this is what they say is the pride of the contribution. Third: Leo seen scenes of the lion, the face of a crisis, though the heart be afraid, but more of a man than others calm steady, because they know that this is the best time to show the ability to command can easily let go, as long as the teeth clenched and support in the past, when it is to be After rain the sky looks blue.. The time to hear the applause. Fourth: Aquarius usually not only looks like a cold stove not heat up, even if the encounter situation, they can unflappable, calm, like world troubles things completely has nothing to do with himself as an outsider. Fifth: Libra feel, Libra seems very easy with all the ups and downs but their hearts the passions, who are more than calm, those emotions are just a means of social networking, as a burlesque.相关的主题文章: