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The most effective method to thin thin abdomen small waist fine you must look at the lead: I believe many girl have such problems, belly fat is particularly much, although his body is very thin, but the feeling is still fat! So what are the effective ways to lose weight? Quickly look down, make sure you fast thin. (source: Poster fashion network) 1: drink honey water, to help defecation in many ways to lose weight, you may not know honey diet. Honey is rich in fructose, fructose itself has good laxative effect. As long as the intake of 50 grams of fructose per day, and drink plenty of water — 1000 ml, can let the human body to maintain adequate moisture, can help defecation, then the fat will not accumulate in the abdomen, can achieve the effect of abdomen. It is generally recommended to use 950cc of water to reconcile 50cc honey, insist on eating every day, the effect of odd good. 2: in the early morning fasting eat an apple apple is rich in pectin, pectin will dilute the stool, absorb more water, not to let the body constipation, but also can play a role in regulating the intestine. Smooth stool, and the body of nutrients are correspondingly added to the natural effect of abdomen. 3: yogurt drink yogurt to lose weight? Cold drinks will stimulate the stomach more sensitive people more excited after drinking some diarrhea, this is because the probiotic yogurt, probiotics can help digestion and fermentation of cellulose in the intestinal tract, organic acid can promote intestinal peristalsis. Yogurt can promote digestion, bowels, so as to achieve the effect of abdomen. But the disadvantage of yogurt drinks, drinking too much will cause a large amount of sugar intake, it is easy to gain weight. Drink a cup of yogurt every day to allow the body to absorb enough probiotics. You can also own DIY yogurt, you can better control the sugar content, or choose to use soy yogurt, sugar intake will not be too much. 4: breakfast drink coffee, many female stars with black coffee to lose weight, eliminate swelling, this is because coffee is a diuretic, and the caffeine in coffee can stimulate the parasympathetic nerve, can promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation makes the morning smoother, some people drink brewed coffee, will feel the effect is more obvious, this is because the relationship between the regulation of higher caffeine content and body. 5: in the morning fasting drink two cups of water first, to understand the cause of constipation, it is not enough drinking water, food stuck, intestinal water has been absorbed, leading to slow down peristalsis, therefore, should be timely replenish water, one of which is the principle of water to lose weight. In general, the bed must be added moisture, can eliminate constipation, cleaning the stomach residue. Breakfast stomach operation faster than normal, so the water can be immediately sent to the colon, increased water content in feces, soften stool, can better laxative. Recommendations to get up every morning to drink two glasses of water, a cup of about 240cc. 6: Rose and candied dried water drink stored dried pectin, has excellent soft effect, but must be in the water is sufficient, in order to make the effect to play the best, therefore, this drink is effective, can play a laxative thin lower abdomen!相关的主题文章: