The most stringent traffic regulation action in the history of Shenyang’s attack on three kinds of a-sugus

Shenyang welcomes the history of the most stringent traffic campaigns focus on three kinds of behavior in September 23rd, Shenyang announced the implementation of the traffic control department, multi police joint operation mechanism from now on, periodically continue to carry out large-scale group action, it will be a whole action Shenyang in the history of the treatment of severe, to create a good traffic the environment. The rectification action will be focused on the different traffic violations by adopting a phased and sub wave way. There are three key actions in the first batch. A minor accident blocking traffic punishment! After a traffic accident, we should evacuate the scene voluntarily without evacuating the traffic jam, and punish it in accordance with the law, and punish the illegal actions resulting in traffic accidents together. Specific measures: minor accident Punishment Act, will rely on the District Traffic Police Brigade motorized patrol police and Traffic Police Detachment patrol police authority "4+1", the use of video surveillance system technology, timely detection of road traffic accidents, found at any time, at any time, at any time the disposal of rectification. Key action 2: dare to drive after drinking. Take advantage of the role of team combat, combat group, temporary traffic of a section of the closed measures taken to sieve passing vehicles, one by one check, let all violations undetected. Specific measures: start the battle group unified action, each point regulation to deploy at least 50 police officers, 1 groups responsible for on-site blood medical personnel, and equipped with a police car, police motorcycle, wrecker, alcohol tester, camera, law enforcement recorder and restraint, car arrester and other necessary police equipment; the rummage sign, the flow guide signs and cone isolation, full closed on a road by car, on-site verification, punishment. Key action 3: serious illegal parking in the city! Take the most decisive means of drag and shift, and strictly carry out the regulation of parking order in accordance with the law. Specific measures: start dragging serious illegal parking campaigns, will organize 31 wrecker, deployed to the city’s five district and Hunnan District special use, strong carry illegally parked vehicle drag work. During daytime, with a ring of two vertical and three horizontal "main channel as the core, all primary and secondary roads are included in the scope of regulation; in the night time, square area, commercial district, entertainment venues and other key parts of the door as the priority among priorities, taking into account other downtown area control. Shenyang police said that the above 3 actions will adhere to the norms of continuity and normalization, including minor accidents, illegal penalties and dragging. Serious illegal parking operations are going on every day. Group operations take place every week or half a month.

沈阳迎史上最严交通整治行动 重点打击三种行为9月23日,沈阳交管部门公布,从即日起推行多警种联合作战机制,不定期地持续开展大规模的集团整治行动,这将是沈城有史以来最严厉的一次整治行动,全力打造良好的交通环境。整治行动将通过采取分阶段、分波次的方式,针对不同交通违法行为开展集中打击整治,首批整治有三种重点行动。轻微事故堵塞交通 罚!对于发生交通事故后,应自行撤离现场而未撤离造成交通堵塞的,依法予以处罚,并一并处罚造成交通事故的违法行为。具体措施:轻微事故处罚行动,将依托各区交警大队摩托化巡逻警力和交警支队机关“4+1”巡逻警力,利用视频监控系统等科技手段,及时发现路面的交通事故,随时发现、随时处置、随时整治。重点行动2:喝完酒后还敢开车 查!发挥团队作战、集团作战的优势作用,实行某一路段的临时交通封闭措施,对过往车辆采取过筛子的方式,逐一进行检查,让所有违法行为无所遁形。具体措施:启动集团作战统一行动时,每个整治点段至少部署50名警力、1组负责现场抽血的医护人员,同时配备警车、警用摩托车、清障车、酒精测试仪、摄像机、执法记录仪以及约束带、阻车器等必要警用装备;利用临检标志、调流指引标志和隔离锥筒,对某一路段进行全面封闭,逐车核查,现场处罚。重点行动3:市内严重违法停车 拖!采取最果断的拖移手段,依法严厉开展停车秩序整治工作。具体措施:启动拖移严重违法停车整治行动时,将组织31辆清障车,部署到市内五区及浑南区专项使用,强力开展违停车辆拖移工作。白天时段,以“一环两横三纵”等主要通道为核心,将所有主次干道全部纳入整治范围;夜间时段,以广场地区、商业街区、娱乐场所门前等重点部位为重中之重,兼顾其他繁华地区的管控。沈阳警方表示,上述3种行动,警方将坚持持久化、常态化的行动准则,其中轻微事故违法处罚和拖移严重违法停车行动每天持续开展;集团作战行动每周或者每半月不定时开展。相关的主题文章: