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The movie "Hao Shuai "" conference Division will reflect the smoke of war; barbaric growth " – Sohu entertainment "Congress teacher" Hao Shuai stills movie "Sohu entertainment news conference" will reflect the " Hao Shuai in the smoke of war; barbaric growth " recently, the 90 actor Hao Shuai starred in the commemoration of the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march of the Red Army in the movie "conference the upcoming" teacher ". "Teacher" is a general assembly in October 1936, two, the first Chinese Red Army four army in Gansu Province as the theme of the epic reunion. The story of the film in addition to tight structure, great realistic war scenes, strong cast, played by Hao Shuai, the youngest of the battlefield "Red Army" of concern, once again challenge the war theme movie, Hao Shuai "barbaric growth in the battle the fire". The movie "teacher" by meeting the 81 film studio, directed by famous director Alan former deputy director, with the Red Army one or two, four army, blood and fire smoke surge high and sweep forward hard and difficult journey of creation on the rendezvous, legend and rough both historical epic, through the art of film which is a carrier of mass culture, let the audience have a more comprehensive and complete understanding of the long march. Hao Shuai played a significant role to the front, exercise acting in carrying forward the long march spirit famous heroic Red Army is the battlefield, in the emphasis on individual color interpretation, set up a "fresh air full of red image. It is reported that the film also added a lot of ornamental elements, there are more than 1 thousand special film more than 2 thousand and 700 lens, to fully reproduce the grand scene of experience of the Long March, Baizhang Dadu campaign. In order to apply the spirit of the Red Army through the movie screen more popular show in the studio Hao Shuai transfer, often with the senior teachers to explore, and strive to reproduce the Red Army soldiers marching, the daily life to eat and sleep are also simulated the stringent requirements of their military life, taking into account the characters in the film age, Hao Shuai also changed the life of the sun with the optimistic state, for strong, passionate and full emotions to a better interpretation of the characters. To accomplish a significant deduction. In the movie "tiger", Hao Shuai’s interpretation is a powerful desire rooted in the desire for happiness in life, to join the fight and continued fighting spirit depends on their own inner desire. In the movie "teacher" in Congress is more ambitious, scenes of infection and exciting, not subjective thinking is involved in the battlefield, from the heart to make facial expressions reflect the wonderful scene, but also from another point of view once again highlighted the great belief, the Red Army soldiers iron will and revolutionary feelings, profound interpretation the spirit of the long march spirit.   相关的主题文章: