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The new SUZUKI Feng Yu officially released   other changes – Anhui channel — original title: SUZUKI officially released the new Feng Yu change other car on 30 September, (E Zhichao) the day before, SUZUKI officially released its new SX4 Cross (China market name "Feng Yu") official pictures. The new car will be used as Interim Cash car modification, shortly after the official landing of overseas market, and the market Chinese Feng Yu model is also expected to be subsequently change. The new car in appearance and had a larger change, the front part of the net from the cross bar to bar style, and more intensive. Headlight shape has been modified, joined the LED headlamps and daytime driving lights, the shape of the lower air inlet has become larger. In the interior part, the new change is small, with the latest touch control screen, while using multiple bright black trim instead of black matte cash part of the car. In terms of power, the new models equipped with 1.4T gasoline and 1.6T diesel engine two, and matching the 6 speed manual and automatic transmission. In addition, the car will also launch AllGrip four-wheel drive system, with snow mode and motion mode option. Comments: since the advent of the SX4 Cross in 2013 has been enough for more than three years, this interim models seem to have changed is not too early. New car in the appearance of a larger change, can be described as a style. The domestic models are expected to provide two options on the power and 1.6L 1.4T. (: suheng, commissioning editor Zhang Lei)相关的主题文章: