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The old man is also reinforced in the ruins: debt hit also a Sohu news thousand is one day, he ate a cold and hungry Steamed Buns Henan daily trainee reporter Zhou Kunfeng Wen map of the Spring Festival approaching, some old Lai was busy hiding to avoid debt. While the old man was busy throwing bar in the ruins, "owe people money, can also be a little bit." The morning of January 30th, the sky Piaoqi the snow in the cold. Morning 8 am, Zhengzhou West Road and Jianshe Road Lake in the northwest corner of the intersection of a demolition site, an old man is braving the snow, with a sledgehammer once hit in the rubble of reinforced concrete lintel. The snow under the thick, gray hair can be old but reeky. At noon, the old man still did not mean to stop, just a Steamed Buns from a cloth, squatting in the ruins of eating up. On strike Steamed Buns, old man smoking a cigarette, stretched, and smashed up a sledgehammer. "One day they will come out at night, when not see what time to call it a day." He said. The old man called Yu Wenfu, 67 years old this year, his hometown in Nanyang Neixiang Yang Wancun, son working in Zhengzhou. His wife died last year, in order to give his wife to see a doctor, the family owed nearly $100 thousand in debt, "see again in the new year, the family who do not have the money? I don’t feel shy ah is people! Now my son and I work together, can also had a little more, so that people can have a good year." Yu Wenfu said. In the beginning, I was hit with a small hammer, pick up waste recycling station to sell a pound in exchange for 35 Fen cents, it is in! Wanted to waste collection, it would tie the son. For a long time, waste recycling boss trouble me, lent me a tricycle and the sledgehammer, such as a lot of effort, live!" He said, do it again a few days, you can also a money, another can have a good year, "they helped me in when I was in difficulties, we can not let people years are bad." (clues: Mr. Yue; fee: 50 yuan; report the phone: 0371-86088666)

老汉为还外债在废墟中砸钢筋:多还一点是一点-搜狐新闻 一干就是一天,饿了他就啃个冷馒头   河南商报见习记者 周坤锋 文 图   临近春节,一些“老赖”便忙着东躲西藏避债。而这位老汉却忙着在废墟中砸钢筋,“欠人家的钱,能多还一点是一点。”   1月30日一大早,天空中飘起了雪花,寒风刺骨。上午8时许,在郑州湖西路与建设路交叉口西北角的一处拆迁工地上,一位老汉正冒着雪,用大锤一下一下砸着废墟中水泥过梁里的钢筋。   雪越下越密,可老汉花白的头发间却是热气腾腾。眼看到了中午,老汉依然没有停下的意思,只是从一个布包内摸出一个馒头,蹲在废墟上啃了起来。啃罢馒头,老汉吸了一根烟,伸伸腰,抡起大锤又砸了起来。   “天一放亮就出来了,晚上啥时候看不见了啥时候收工。”他说。   老汉叫于文福,今年67岁,老家在南阳内乡杨湾村,儿子在郑州打工。去年老伴过世了,为了给老伴看病,家里欠下了近10万元的外债,“眼看又要过年了,谁家里不用钱?就是人家不要,咱也不好意思呀!现在儿子和我一起干,能多还一点儿就多还一点儿,让人家能过个好年。”于文福说。   “刚开始时,我都是用的小锤砸,挑到废品回收站去卖,一斤能换回三毛五分钱,就这都中!本来想收废品的,可那得扎本儿。时间长了,废品回收站的老板看我作难,就借给了我一辆三轮车和这把大锤,这样省力不少,也怪出活的!”他说,再干几天,就能多还一家的钱了,又有一家能过个宽裕的年了,“人家在咱困难的时候帮了咱,咱不能让人家年都过不好。”(线索提供:岳先生;稿酬:50元;报料电话:0371-86088666)相关的主题文章: