The Origins Of Dis-ease 2 Karma & The Core Story-ca1871

Arts-and-Entertainment It has been said, that except for poisoning, most, if not all illness has its origins in a psycho/spiritual/emotional event or series of events, which impact the psyche, brain and then a specific area of the body, depending upon the nature of the conflict and the interpretation of it. So what is it that determines how the psyche interprets a particular event and what is it that causes some people to experience repetitive events of a similar nature? Why is it that some women experience repeated molestations or physical abuse? Why are some people accident prone, while others lead lives full of Grace? The answer for a large portion of this appears to lie in the realm of Karma. The simplistic thought about Karma is of cause and effect. You screw up today and suffer endlessly the next time around. The laws of Quantum Mechanics however, don’t allow for direct cause and effect, what they do allow for is consequence. Your thoughts, actions and intentions set up a propensity for things to occur and reoccur. These propensities in the field of possibilities tend to manifest when local conditions allow. Your present lifetime’s predominant theme will tend to show up in what can be called the core story. On the subconscious level the guilt or decisions made over many lifetimes manifest in a core story, usually one which expresses unworthiness or distrust/dislike for life on Earth. It is this story which forms the subconscious underlay for our present day personality and one might even say, it is the scenario which we have chosen to work through, this time around. This story forms what are known as attractor fields or patterns. Attractor fields are what guide flocks of birds and schools of fish in their wondrous dances. They have an effect on what we draw into our lives and appear to have an effect on the family we are borne into. The scenarios which our families play often tend to validate our stories, sometimes with perverse Machiavellian twists, adding various tangential subplots. Our repetitive patterns can be the source of extreme frustration, both for the individual as well as the practitioner. We do deep process or meditation, and just when we think we have it licked; up it pops with a new twist. For some it’s the poisoning which is part of our story. The origins may be that way back some time we were responsible for the poisoning of others and now out of subconscious guilt we are on a treadmill of endless invasions. We may consciously have overcome the core belief but the story can have a life of its own. The change has to come on a deep subconscious level. So when dealing with a long term client who has showed up over the years with different scenarios manifesting with similar effects on the same organ, I am given a pretty clear indication as to his or her core story. With the "New Medicine" map providing some basic clues; we can explore the nature of their pasts and the effect on their present. This in turn provides the information as to where to apply forgiveness both for self and others to release the Karmic debt. Then we can use spiritual self-inquiry to bring truth to the core story, eventually dissolving it. The prospect of being able to help liberate someone from a lifetime of suffering is a powerful incentive to move forward, even when one has no clue as to what is waiting around the corner. The awareness that one is simply the vehicle through which consciousness moves, is balancing when faced with the unknown. And there is also the awareness that the clearing of other’s issues, can be the catalyst for releasing one’s own. It is a graciously humbling experience to say the least. Copyright (c) 2010 David Lowell About the Author: 相关的主题文章: