The PLA army new long-range rocket the East China Sea to the sea to shoot denka

The PLA army new long-range rocket the East China Sea to the sea to shoot map: PHL03 type 300 mm rockets original title: new breakthrough! Army new long-range rocket the East China Sea to the sea to shoot Washington Deng Fangyu, Wang Xin special correspondent reports: the thunder of guns, bullets pouring. Even Japan, Eastern army artillery brigade launched on the sea target firing exercises in the East China sea. The journey to give full play to a new long-distance rocket artillery technical performance, realizes the equipment, operation, firepower and other 3 limit under the condition of high precision and high damage, explore the army firepower on the sea to shoot the new model, marking the interdisciplinary application of fire brigade to achieve new breakthroughs. According to the brigade Sun Weigang, along with the new equipment in remote firepower, combat style along with profound changes, but the supporting tactics and training methods did not timely update. Because the army had never set foot in fire training on the sea, land and sea to participate in joint exercises last year, facing the sea, the officers and men feel ability "short board". At the beginning of this year, it will be the new equipment fire on the sea for the establishment of key scientific and technological project, the technical backbone of the organization of artillery firing to sea the tactics, has 15 colleges and invite the factory technicians to participate in project demonstration and technical research, 7 technical backbone to send naval units to learn from the aspects of information security, to command and control 28, the damage efficiency of technical problems, on the sea target shooting the "bottleneck" of a breakthrough. At the same time, they make full use of the latest special kinds of combat effectiveness, for the different goals of the nature of a variety of innovative high damage play. As a true test of new style and new types of projectile combat effectiveness, the brigade is not afraid of risk, the active set, insurance bureau, the Bureau of cloth for the first time to go to a strange environment, Binhai is a bold attempt to high risk innovation play, take the combat tasks, take the organization to determine the battlefield reconnaissance and attacking targets, the occupied fire positions, the specified test gun etc., the Polish forces fighting force in the combat environment. Reporters saw at the drill site, the first round of long-range fire assault, the officers and men to quickly evacuate the position, after the completion of the completion of the transfer of full tube filling, once again on the implementation of the fire suppression of sea targets. It is understood that the drills were set 7 class 44 entity, collected more than and 300 sets of real effective operational data, as the army firepower into the sea combat system was opened a new road.相关的主题文章: