The Power Of The Sun For The Small Things In Life-cosmax

UnCategorized We’ve all taken a look at our electric bill and gasped, haven’t we? Over time, the gasps are perhaps replaced by resigned sighs. With the barrage of kilowatt-sucking gadgets that both simplify and .plicate our lives, from dishwashers to iPads, a cost-efficient system of power would surely be appreciated. Most of us have heard of solar energy as an inexpensive, clean alternative to other energy producers. A few of us have even considered investing in the rooftop equipment to lessen and perhaps eliminate those unwel.e, monthly dues. Still fewer have done it. But beyond that major use, what sorts of things can solar power do for us? Consider this scenario: a family goes camping, and being the typical, rough, outdoorsy type of suburban, American family, the kids bring their iPods and their PSPs; Dad his laptop; Mom, her new color Nook. Life is bliss as the family sits around the campfire .pletely ignoring one another up until Johnny’s battery runs out. Dad forgot to bring spares, and now Johnny is bugging Janie, pulling Mom from her book and dad from his thrilling game of Mahjong. They could call Grandpa and have him pick some up on the way, but the cell just died, and for some reason the car charger is not where it should be. Is all lost? No. Luckily dad has invested in several small portable solar panels which have been charging all day in the sun. Johnny plugs in. Dad hooks up the phone, and bliss returns. Solar panels are ideal for taking on trips to places where traditional energy sources aren’t available. Batteries are all well and good, if expensive, but some devices don’t run on batteries, and others consume far too much power to make regular battery use feasible. Hikers, campers, hunters, survivalists, and even Boy Scouts could benefit from portable solar technology. A meter square solar panel storing mid-day summer sunshine can garner over 120 watts in an hour. Divide that by however many watts your device uses and you can determine how many hours your gadget will function for. Choosing the right kind of solar panel is important once you determine what you want to use it for, but beyond that it’s a no brainer. Lightweight, often foldable, portable solar panels can be purchased at some electronics stores and on the inter.. Clean, portable, free energy, ready for consumption; that’s something to text home about. Unless your phone just died. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: