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The current round of rebound target point and peaked time ahead of time exposure – Sohu securities if the rebound can continue, the current round of rising space is big, the top will appear in what time? Data treasure Xiao Bian through the 7 large rebound since 2008 data analysis, to measure the current round of rebound space, time, for investors reference.   in the RMB exchange rate stabilization, expected M2 data, Premier Li Keqiang’s speech on the stock market policy, the external market rebound and other favorable factors driven, A shares today appeared long after the volume of inflation.   bottom volume rose, is generally considered to be bottoming out of the signal. If 2638 points become the recent low stage, then the future rebound space will be big, the rebound time critical point will be where? Historical data may give us some inspiration.   data treasure statistics found that in 2008 bear City, the Shanghai composite index showed a total of more than 20% rebound in 7.   the first level of the big rebound in the background for the 4 trillion bailout after the financial crisis the state issued, the Shanghai Composite Index from the beginning of the October 28, 2008 low of 1664 points, rebounded to August 4, 2009 high of 3478, which lasted 280 days, rebounded by 108.9%.   during the period from 2009 to 2013; since then, appeared 4 times or more than 20% of the small rebound; by 2014, the central bank continued to cut interest rates and leverage, Shanghai reproduction from the beginning of the hurricane, below 2000 points rose to 5178 points, which lasted 457 days, rebounded by 162.27%.   the latest big rebound, from August 26, 2015 to December 23rd, the Shanghai Composite Index rose from 2850.71 to 3684.57 points, which lasted 119 days, rebounded by 29.25%.   analysis of the above 7 large level rebound can be found, bear city background of the two double rebound market, appear in the monetary easing environment. The other 5 rebounds can be attributed to the highly operable trading opportunity market in the bear city stage.   determine the nature of the market to participate in the Bear City rebound has an important role. First of all, it is necessary to make clear that in the bear market, the operation should be more defensive, then it should be assumed that any larger rise is a rebound in the bear market, a brief participation can be.   assume that the 2638 point has become the low point of the stage, and thus launch a rebound market. In a bear market mentality, how long will the rally last at 2638? How big is the space? It’s important for investors. According to 2008 bear city since the 7 rebound time, increase to measure the current round of time and space, detailed data as follows.   because the bear market rebound is the peak is getting lower and lower, so eliminate the first rebound, the sixth rebound measured time and space data.. 本轮反弹目标点位和见顶时间提前曝光-搜狐证券   如果反弹能够延续,本轮上涨的空间有多大,顶部会出现在什么时候?数据宝小编通过对2008年以来7次较大级别反弹的数据分析,来测算本轮反弹的空间、时间,以供投资者参考。    在人民币汇率企稳、超预期M2数据、李克强总理关于股市政策的讲话、外围市场回暖等多重利好因素推动下,今日A股出现久违的放量普涨态势。    底部放量大涨,一般被认为是见底的信号。如果2638点成为近期的阶段性低点,那么未来反弹的空间会有多大,反弹的时间临界点会在哪里呢?历史数据或许会给我们一些启发。    数据宝统计发现,2008年大熊市以来,上证综指共出现了7次超过20%涨幅的反弹。       其中,第一次大级别的反弹出现的背景为金融危机后国家出台的4万亿救市方案,上证综指从2008年10月28日低点1664点开始,反弹到2009年8月4日高点3478点,历时280天,反弹幅度108.9%。    此后的2009年到2013年期间,出现了4次涨幅超过20%的小反弹;到了2014年中,在央行持续降息以及杠杠作用下,上证综指再现狂飙,从期初2000点下方涨至5178点,历时457天,反弹幅度162.27%。    最近的一次较大级别反弹,发生在2015年8月26日到12月23日,上证综指从2850.71点升至3684.57点,历时119天,反弹幅度29.25%。    分析上述7次较大级别的反弹可以发现,大熊市背景下的两次翻倍反弹行情,都出现在货币宽松环境下。其它5次反弹,则可归结为大熊市阶段出现的可操作性较强的交易性机会行情。    判定行情的性质对参与大熊市反弹具有重要的作用。首先需要明确的是,熊市中的操作更多应以防守为主,那么应该假定任何一次较大级别的上涨都是熊市的反弹行为,短暂参与即可。    先假设2638点已经成为阶段低点,并由此展开一段反弹行情。以熊市思维操作的话,2638点以来的反弹会持续多长时间,空间有多大,对于投资者来说很重要。按照2008年大熊市以来7次反弹持续的时间、升幅来测算本轮反弹的时间空间,详细数据如下表。          由于熊市反弹呈现的是波峰越来越低的态势,因此剔除根据第一次反弹、第六次反弹测算的时间空间等数据。根据剩下5次反弹测算的数据显示,本轮反弹顶部点位区间为3238点到3624点,平均值为3388点;顶部出现时间区间为4月12日到6月7日,平均值为5月4日。相关的主题文章: