The second session of the Chongqing Youth Drama Festival opened on the 20 quarter of $26 promising d

The second session of the Chongqing Youth Theatre Festival 26 opening 20 yuan good show in October 24th afternoon, jointly organized by the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Cultural Committee, Municipal Federation of literary and art circles, the association, Chongqing performing arts group, Chongqing City Art Activity Center hosted the second session of the Chongqing youth Theatre Festival "held a news briefing. The season will be held at the Cathay Pacific Arts Centre in October 26th to November 11th, including local youth drama director creation "," wait "plaster flag under Godot", the world classic "the Seagull", "Salem", the witch 11 outstanding works with the Chongqing drama lovers meet, take cheap fares Huimin policy, the lowest 20 yuan up to 120 yuan. Vice chairman of the association Huang Bo introduced, compared to the first season, the show works more diversified, the biggest feature is the creation and the classic, 8 is nearly two years our city youth drama director of creative and adapted works. The opening of "the author" drama plaster flag is a child, just over 20 year old college student, his works from a special perspective to reflect the historical period of the war of life, quite new drama "waiting for Godot"; Wenpo screenwriter Chen participated in the second student drama festival, after graduation employment in Nanjing, ten years after the beginning of the heart do not change back to Chongqing founded color comedy troupe, with comedy world masterpiece "and deconstruction way Godot"; "the Seagull" drama director Zhao Hu personally translated script, Chikov these writingscollected in Chongqing for the first time on the stage. In addition, Chongqing Normal University professor Ding Song based on his campus life experience the creation of "K story", City Association vice president Xu Chi according to the European · Henry novel "police and hymn", Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications College of mobile teachers according to the South Korean film "Shen Qin" adapted "happy ghost", the best of our culture in Chongqing the art of Career Academy for the first time large-scale rehearsal of the musical creation of "Xiajiang" the soul of the song repertoire, is a new harvest drama exciting city. In addition, by Chongqing University institute director Fu Qiang as "the Salem witch", by Yin Zi theater rehearsal "paper is" love is famous classical masterpiece, reflects the Youth Drama Ji Baorong, open vision of art. According to the introduction, in recognition of outstanding youth drama talent, the show will be elected by the group of experts, outstanding outstanding drama screenwriter, best director, best actor, best producer, best costume design and other awards. After the season ended, the organizing committee will be based on the views of the expert group, the selection of excellent dramas in 2-3 held at the Grand Theatre "repertoire of outstanding performances, activities. Huang Bo said that in recent years, the local private club and the university club development, hope that through the Youth Theatre Festival, college Theatre Festival series of activities to more young students, the promotion and popularization of the drama, to promote the development of Chongqing drama market. The second session of the Chongqing Youth Drama performances:相关的主题文章: