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-C Ronaldo missed 2-0 La Liga Real Madrid Liga record J Ronaldo Wallace broke J Ronaldo broke news today morning sports Tencent in September 19th, Spain in the fourth round, Real Madrid (data) 2-0 away victory over Spain, 4 straight start after continue to lead, cross season league 16 wins, tying the Barcelona (official data) to keep the Spanish record. Robert C out, J Luo long shots break the deadlock, Benzema broke the secure, jam Miro back injury. C Robert both missed, J Ronaldo, Asensio and Pepe into the starting lineup, Lucas Vasquez played in rotation. The Spaniard has 17 consecutive league games against Real Madrid win, 3 draws and 14 losses, 17 fights is the team against the same team in La Liga history the longest winless record. Real Madrid last time away from the parrot, is October 2007 1-2, after 8 wins in the war, there are 6 games zero opponent. The opening 2 minutes, Ramos – Baptista tipped Leo Austria, was booked. Eighth minutes, J Luo pass in the left corner, Ramos shakes top slightly wide of the far corner. Twelfth minutes, Leo Baptista – Austria road closed after stopping fire, has been toward the lateral casiglia with the legs of the ball out. Casey Milo was injured early in twenty-fifth minutes, Crosby, Hernan Peres outside the area far shooting Ramos in the arm, but the referee did not call, Ramos has been carrying a yellow card, the players very dissatisfied. Thirty-ninth minutes, Marcello cross from the left, Benzema header header, but the Frenchman has been offside. 2 minutes later, Harvey (data) – right Lopez, Leo Baptista Obama shakes top a column on the left side. Forty-sixth minutes, J Luo cross the ball outside the area even after over two foot long shots, the ball stuck to wipe his right column entry fly, Real Madrid 1-0. Since joining Real Madrid, J Ronaldo played 83 times and scored 26 goals, La Liga direct manufacturing 43 balls, more than any other midfielder. J Ronaldo has scored 11 goals in La Liga long-range, all second in La Liga, beyond the 10 ball C Ronaldo, after Messi’s 12 goals. Fifty-ninth minutes, J Luo ball, Lucas – Vasquez, Asensio header ferry, Benzema horse to goal after stopping turn volley, Diego closed the ball out of Lopez magic. J Luo was replaced, in sixty-eighth minutes, Benzema – Lopez flying long-range, Diego saved the bottom line. Seventy-first minutes, Carvajal ball, Lucas Vasquez right flat ball, before Benzema outflanking tuishe, Real Madrid 2-0. Benzema scored the first goal of the season, but also since the formation of the BBC combination of the tournament 300th goals. This is the Real Madrid team in the history of the 188 games played against the Spaniards scored the 400th goal. Spanish Real Madrid at 7 hours of continuous clean sheets, nearly 11 league goals from 11 players were arranged, Benzema is the twelfth goals in all competitions this season Real Madrid player. Seventy-fourth minutes, Caycedo back into the box, the first foot shot was blocked by Pepe, then be saved casiglia Carvajal ejection. Eighty-third minutes, Diego shot from Lopez iscoe seals, Carvajal tackles foul was a yellow card. Real Madrid won the League 16 consecutive seasons相关的主题文章: