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The subsidy policy adjustment in the arrow Hyun appealed to slow down on auto – Sohu (the Securities Times) of new energy vehicles subsidy policy adjustment is in the arrow Hyun, and related enterprises after several years of barbaric growth, also need to summarize the moment of reflection. Held on August 25th ~26 (Hefei) international energy saving and new energy vehicle development forum, Qu Guochun, deputy director of the Ministry of equipment industry division said, "we encourage and support the new energy vehicles, high safety, high level and high quality, and the world’s advanced level of the automobile enterprises to compete." Therefore, the next phase of the whole policy is to encourage more advanced level of the enterprise, called on companies to work harder in technology. On the other hand is from the views of the association. Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association Ye Shengji said, "the development of" blowout of new energy vehicles, but he then asked, "what is a word or blowout derogatory praise? For an industry, we are such a pace of development, can enhance and strengthen the technical basis, we in the environmental construction, product quality and reliability of the upgrade, can not keep up?" Therefore, he called on the industry side to slow down to think". Policies to support new energy vehicles will change Qu Guochun as a representative of the Ministry, at the forum first affirmed the rapid expansion greatly enhance the technological level of new energy vehicles and industrial scale, then said the risks and opportunities. The risk lies in the existence of a new energy automotive industry chain short board, high dependence on foreign high-end equipment is still relatively high. The strength of the enterprise is also urgent to enhance the risk of excess capacity in some areas has been presented. In addition, the new energy automotive battery core technology breakthrough yet, behind the charging facilities, security risks gradually, and in the quality of the new energy vehicles can not meet consumer demand, dependent on the policy is relatively large. In addition to disclose subsidies for new energy vehicles will be adjusted to technology as the center, Qu Guochun also said that the country will promote the average fuel consumption of passenger vehicle enterprises and new energy automotive integration the introduction of management measures, and gradually establish a market-oriented mechanism, guide enterprises to accelerate the promotion of new energy automobile production. This and shortly before the Ministry of Finance stakeholders in hundreds of electric vehicle will be exactly the same argument. August 22nd, deputy director of the Ministry of economic construction, said Song Qiuling, the new energy finance subsidy policy will be adjusted in the near future. One is with the Ministry to improve the financial subsidy policy in improving the basic technology threshold, while maintaining the overall stability of the 2016~ subsidy scheme, continuous improvement into the list of recommended models of enterprises and products of the threshold, advanced technology, high degree of market acceptance of products can receive financial subsidies, the opposite is not the two is to improve the subsidy; subsidy standard; three is to improve the supervision system; four is to establish a market-oriented development mechanism. Intensive behind the new energy subsidy policy adjustment. The government is looking forward to gradually eagerness of the new energy automotive industry to the market, but the new energy automotive industry will maintain rapid growth is a question mark. Data show that from 1 to July this year, domestic new energy vehicle sales have exceeded相关的主题文章: