The three year old child have a fever coma impatient father driving retrograde

The three year old child have a fever coma impatient father driving accident retrograde three years old children have a fever coma, his father to send their children to the hospital, do not want to drive retrograde oncoming van, two car dodge collided, father SUV crashed into a tree, severely damaged the front…… Fortunately, the accident did not cause casualties. October 22nd, 7 am, a gray SUV gallop in the Tiexi District of Shenyang glide road. The driver is a more than 30 year old man, a car has a serious fever of three year old children, the mother and grandmother of the child also in the car, very anxious. It turns out that the child had a fever the night before, so that he was unconscious. No, a big child is preparing to send his child to a nearby hospital for treatment. "Hurry up, hurry up!" The child’s mother and grandmother are constantly urging. In order to speed up, the car rushed to the hospital at the fastest speed. When I arrived at the hospital, my father found that he was driving along the driveway without moving the car that was not moving along the lane. Unexpectedly, when driving to the street near the take-off, a van on the head. Van owners also found the opposite of the SUV, immediately turn away, but still Dodge, hit by SUV to the rear wheel, causing rear tire burst, rear bumper damage. SUV due to excessive speed, crashed into a roadside tree on the ground, and rub the distance to stop, hit the front of a big face. Not far away is the hospital, the family immediately hugged the child ran to the hospital. Is this going to run? Van owners immediately catch up with the hospital. "I’m sorry, I’m in a hurry to see the doctor. It’s my fault. I don’t want to run."!" The father apologized, driving license and other items will be charged to the owner of the van. 20 minutes later, after the child, the child’s father returned to the scene, explain the situation to have arrived at the scene of the traffic police.

三岁孩儿发烧昏迷 心急爸驾车逆行肇事三岁的孩子发烧昏迷,父亲急于将孩子送到医院,驱车逆行,不想迎面驶来一辆面包车,两车躲闪不及,发生了碰撞,孩子父亲驾驶的SUV撞到了树上,车头处严重受损……值得庆幸的是,事故没有造成人员伤亡。 10月22日7时许,一辆灰色SUV疾驰在沈阳市铁西区滑翔路上。司机是一个30多岁的男子,车内有一个发烧严重的三岁孩子,孩子的母亲与姥姥也在车中,十分焦急。原来,孩子从前一天晚上就开始发烧,以致昏迷。这不,一大家子人正准备将孩子送往附近的医院医治。 “快点,再快点!”孩子的母亲、姥姥不断催促。为了加快速度,这辆车以最快的速度,抄近路向医院赶去。快到医院的时候,孩子父亲发现,对向车道上没有行驶的车辆,便驶向对向车道逆行赶路。没想到,行驶到腾飞一街附近时,迎面行驶来一辆面包车。 面包车的车主也发现了对面冲来的SUV,马上转弯躲避,但仍躲闪不及,被SUV撞到后轮处,导致后轮爆胎,后保险杠受损。而SUV由于车速过快,撞向了路边的一棵树,又在地上蹭了一段距离才停下,车头被撞成了一个大花脸。 不远处就是医院,一家人马上抱着孩子往医院跑去。这是要跑吗?面包车车主马上追到了医院。“对不起,我急着给孩子看病呢,是我的不对,我认全责,肯定不会跑的!”孩子父亲连声道歉,将行车证等物品押给了面包车车主。20分钟后,忙完了孩子的事,孩子父亲赶回了现场,向已经来到现场的交警说明了情况。相关的主题文章: