The wall painting about the old city Deqing Qianyuan slow life-demonophobia

The wall painting about the old city Deqing Qianyuan Zhejiang slow life Qianlong Lantern Festival, folk paper-cut art style alley, a good time…… In Huzhou Deqing Qianyuan Town Park Road, the new wall tiles and white walls of the pedestrian, painting wall painting attracted passing the thick and heavy in colours have stopped to watch. This is a beautiful town and a new town construction Qianyuan the completion of the landscape, a picture of the old story about the yuan, the old slow life. Park Road is located in the style of Xiao Nong Tan Jia Nong Tan Jia Nong’s entrance, sewing machine, bicycles and other old "big children" to create a "time tunnel", and Park Road walls with three-dimensional wall painting show Qianyuan town old story, a length of about 400 meters of wall landscape with series into to become the new attractions Qianyuan Town, the people taking pictures in a continuous line. From the beginning of this year in early September, the wall began to transform, not only the original dilapidated old wall completely dismantled and re built, on this basis, to build the "slow life" as the theme of the wall painting, through a combination of text and pictures of the show, the traditional folk custom. "Painting includes the dragon dance, paper cutting, catch fish, big fire, inverse Lane culture five elements, is the unique custom qianyuan." Project director Cao Xinlei. In order to make the wall painting creation designers felt Qianyuan customs, the creation of the wall painting works down to earth, Cao sunray for the creative team to provide detailed text, audio and video data at the same time, also with their on-site inspection and experience. This year just graduated from The China Academy of Art Pan Jin painting division is the main force in the design team, from mid September, every day he and buddies stationed here, holding a brush in the side of the white wall painted outline. After more than a week of continuous painting, wall painting basically completed, a piece of beautiful paintings has been vividly on the wall. Dancing dragon, the expression of different characters…… A vivid image contrast, as if about to come to you from the wall. But Pan Jin told reporters: "this is not completely finished, some details, such as facial expression and effect of 3D needs further characterization, is expected to take two days to complete." Live Ding Jia Nong Zhu uncle every morning to buy food to pass here, he walked wearing presbyopic glasses carefully watch the wall paintings. "The picture is the Qianyuan old thing, very interesting, but also those of us old people can understand." Zhu uncle said smiling.

德清乾元现墙体彩绘 讲述老城慢生活浙北乾龙灯会、民间剪纸艺术、小巷风情好时光……在湖州德清乾元镇的公园路上,黑瓦白墙的新围墙上,一幅幅浓墨重彩的墙绘引得路过的行人纷纷驻足观看。这是乾元镇美丽城镇建设又一处新完工的景观,一幅幅描绘乾元老故事的图画,讲述着这里的老城慢生活。公园路位于风情小弄谈家弄的入口处,谈家弄用缝纫机、自行车等老式“大件儿”打造了一条“时光隧道”,而公园路围墙则用立体墙绘展现乾元镇的老城故事,一条长约400米的墙体景观带串联成片,成为了乾元城区的新景点,来往拍照的群众络绎不绝。从今年9月上旬开始,围墙开始改造,不仅将原先破旧的老墙完全拆除,重新修建,还在此基础上打造了以“生活慢城”为主题的墙体彩绘,通过文字和图画相结合的方式,展示传统民俗。“彩绘的内容包括了舞龙、剪纸、抓逆鱼、大火烧、弄堂文化五大元素,都是乾元特有的风俗。”项目负责人曹新蕾介绍。为了让墙绘创作的设计师真切地感受乾元的风俗民情,创作出接地气的墙绘作品,曹新蕾为创作团队提供详尽的文字、影音资料的同时,还带着他们进行实地考察与现场感受。今年刚从中国美术学院毕业的彩绘师潘进是此次设计团队中的主力军,从9月中旬开始,他每天都和小伙伴们驻扎在这里,拿着画笔在一面面白墙上勾勒描绘。经过一个多星期的连续作画,墙体彩绘基本完工,一幅幅精美的画作已跃然墙上。舞动的巨龙、神态各异的人物……一个个活灵活现的形象呼之欲出,仿佛正要从墙上向你走来。不过潘进对记者说道:“这还不算完全画好,一些细节部分,比如人物表情、3D效果等还需要进一步刻画,预计还需要两天时间才能彻底完成。”家住丁家弄的朱大伯每天早上买菜时都要路过这里,戴着老花镜的他边走边仔细观赏墙上的画作。“画的都是乾元的老东西,蛮有意思,而且我们这些老年人也都看得懂。”朱大伯笑呵呵地说道。相关的主题文章: