The woman went home and went into the alley for a robbery at night.-4000dy

After drinking, the woman went home and went into the alley only to go into the alleyway. The day before, Xiangyang police disclosed new gang robbery case, at the same time to the public how to prevent robbers weapon. On September 24th at 1:20 in the morning, police received a high Ju Xing nvzai alarm: she works in Changhong road in a KTV, the day after work to go home alone, more than 4 groups of a gang just walked into the alley, suddenly two men rushed over her mouth, and took her hand in the value of 3000 yuan, with more than 1000 yuan in cash and a bank card, bag. After the case, the high and New Public Security Bureau immediately organized the ability to detect the force. Through the investigation, the hi-tech Criminal Investigation Brigade police soon found the suspect trail. Finally, in the afternoon of September 28th, two suspects were captured near the railway station. Through the investigation, Wang and Zhang are all "after 90", no work, addicted to online games. Wang Mou for goof, his wife just as he divorced. Because there was no economic source, two people had lost their mobile phones at a price of 500 yuan. In order to redeem their phones, they decided to take the risk of desperation. The early morning of September 24th, two people to find the target in the middle lane, found Ms. Ju alone also drunk, is no alert to the name of the phone, so treasonous. Then, two people will be the mobile phone when Ms. Ju 1300 yuan, the redemption of its own mobile phone, all the money to play online games. At present, two people have been arrested by the police. How does a woman go home alone in the late night? How to prevent robbery? The police remind that the citizens, especially women, should try to walk as bright and pedestrians as possible at night and avoid walking on a quiet road. It is best to go along with a quiet section, and watch the surrounding dynamic and pass quickly. If it is not necessary, try to avoid wearing eye-catching jewelry and carrying out the bag. At the same time, do not check the large amount of cash in public places. In case of a robber, it should be determined to abandon the money and save the life. At the same time, as far as possible to write the physical characteristics and the crime of the robbers used by the vehicle license plate, model, color and so on, and immediately report to the police. (reporter Qian Rong correspondent Shi Hongli Zhen Hong) Hubei Jingzhou women’s night alone in poker on the car thief rob is wrong

女子酒后深夜独行回家 走进小巷遭遇抢劫女子酒后深夜独行回家,走进小巷时遭遇抢劫。日前,襄阳高新警方披露一起团伙抢劫案,同时向市民支招如何防劫匪。9月24日凌晨1点20分,高新警方接到一名琚姓女子报警:她在长虹北路一家KTV上班,当天下班后独行回家,刚走进余岗4组一小巷,突然两名男子冲上来捂住她的嘴,并夺走她手中价值3000多元的手机和装有1000余元现金、银行卡等物的挎包。案发后,高新公安分局立即组织精干力量侦破。通过侦查,高新刑侦大队民警很快发现嫌疑人踪迹,最终于9月28日下午,在火车站附近将两名嫌疑人抓获。经查,汪某和张某均是“90后”,没有工作,沉迷网游。汪某因成天游手好闲,其妻刚跟他离了婚。因为没有经济来源,二人此前以500元的价格当掉了手机。为赎回手机,他们决定铤而走险。9月24日凌晨,两人在偏僻小巷寻找目标时,发现琚女士独行还喝了酒,正毫无警惕地打着电话,于是起了歹心。得手后,二人将琚女士的手机当了1300元,赎回自己的手机后,余钱全部用来打网游。目前,两人已被警方刑拘。女子深夜独自回家,如何防止抢劫?民警提醒,市民尤其是女性,晚上应尽量走灯光明亮、行人较多的线路,避免在僻静道路行走。通过僻静路段时,最好结伴而行,并注意观察周围动态,快速通过。如非必要,应尽量避免佩戴抢眼首饰及挎包外出,同时,不要在公共场所清点大额现金。万一遇到劫匪,应果断舍弃钱财保全生命。同时,尽可能记下劫匪的体貌特征和作案所用车辆的牌照、型号、颜色等,并立即报警。(记者钱蓉 通讯员洪贞施红丽) 湖北荆州女子深夜独行遇牌友 误上贼车被劫财劫色相关的主题文章: