Thousands of lanterns light the lotus heart lights Zhejiang Mount Putuo Guanyin cultural festival he incubus

Thousands of lanterns light the lotus heart lights Zhejiang Mount Putuo Guanyin cultural festival held in Beijing, Beijing – in October 30 Zhoushan Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yun) spirit of Zen lamp, through the years, passing the Dharma, ancestral legend. The evening of October 30th, the Zhejiang Zhoushan Mount Putuo, two thousand tourists with fragrant lotus lamp, Wei Buddha, hall and Haiyin pool slowly around. The opening ceremony of the fourteenth Mount Putuo Guanyin Culture Festival in the South China sea. Vice president, President of the Buddhist Association of Chinese, Mount Putuo Buddhist Association of Puji Temple Abbot monk led Chi Buddhist Association of master group will held solemn prayer in Puji temple, pray for all. After two thousand to Chinese around the tourists in the fragrant mages led, started a "light heart light" chuandeng ceremony. As one of the four famous Buddhist China, once a year Mount Putuo Guanyin Culture Festival has been held thirteen times, by the sweet joy of tourists. The night of the opening ceremony, vice chairman of Zhoushan City, Mount Putuo, the Zhujiajian Management Committee Director Jiang Zhiwei said, the Mount Putuo Guanyin Culture Festival after 13 years of continuous exploration, innovation and improvement, strengthen the protection of cultural heritage in Guanyin Guanyin culture, deep cultural connotation, expand the international influence of Guanyin culture, make a positive contribution to promote Zhoushan the new humanistic feelings etc.. Although chuandeng prayer will be at seven began, but many tourists more than five incense began queuing up early. From dozens of Guangdong Shishi sweet tourist groups to participate in the specially chuandeng method. One of the letter told reporters, as in Mount Putuo Buddhist believers, have greater influence. "To participate in this activity, the heart is more substantial." Seven pm, in the master led chuandeng method will officially begin. For a time, the entire city into a sea of light lotus Puji temple. People with transparent glass lamps, lights a candle flame, representing every one of the better ones for. The mage and tourists around the temple, incense hall and Haiyin pool slowly forward, "according to a practice of Yingying maze, light from sun Sumeru wheel" and zen. It is reported that the Guanyin Culture Festival, Mount Putuo, Zhujiajian is the integrated management of the first, is the classic heritage, is a new beginning, continue to uphold the "comfortable life? Compassion" subject, launched the "light heart light" chuandeng prayer, "Buddha and Buddha" and other classic activities will worship law. Mount Putuo Scenic Area Management Committee said that after the implementation of Zhujiajian management integration, festival has been integrated operation, in 2016, held in succession or the influence of CO extreme cool running, the international sand sculpture festival, music festival, international conference, the East China Sea Island Tourism Festival and other festivals Guanyin culture. Festival activities also allow local tourists continued to grow. Data show that as of the end of September, the Mount Putuo Zhujiajian tourists reached 11 million 966 thousand and 400 passengers, an increase of 17.6%. (end)相关的主题文章: