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Tiger bite female injured sued the zoo claims 1 million 540 thousand: fear of local protection was attacked by Zhao zhao. After re opening of the park, Tiger Park added power and warning signs. Original title: cover news reporter dialogue by female tiger attack "spiritual damage, do not know when to recover in November 22nd, cover news reporters from the" Beijing Badaling tiger incident "the father of Mr. Zhao was informed that due to the Badaling wild animal world to deal with this attitude is not satisfied, in the afternoon, he will submit to sue Badaling wild the animal world petition to the Yanqing District Court of Beijing city. At the same time, Mr. Zhao will also apply by the Beijing first intermediate people’s Court of jurisdiction or promotion by the Beijing Higher People’s court appointed other court non Yanqing District Court hearing. According to the Beijing News reported that: 22 at about 3 pm, the injured father, Mr. Zhao to the Yanqing court formally indicted someone’s zoo, including funeral expenses, death compensation, mental damages totaling more than $154. At present, the court has been filed, the specific time to wait for the court hearing arrangements. Why decided to Sue: "the zoo after September no further contact us" in July 23rd this year, 15 am, with the tiger wounding incident occurred in Beijing Badaling wild animal world: Ms. Zhao, a family of three with his mother, since the drive to Badaling wild animal world. In the Tiger Park, Ms. Zhao was dragged off the tiger, her mother Zhou Keqin get off the rescue, but also the tiger bite. Event eventually caused Ms. Zhao was seriously injured, her mother Zhou Keqin died. In August 24th this year, Beijing "7· 23" tiger casualties caused by tourists accident investigation group, Beijing Badaling wild animal world Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Badaling wild animal world) the tiger incident released the investigation report, that the incident was due to the tourists did not comply with the provisions of the zoo to get off the tiger attack casualties. Do not belong to production safety accidents. "At first, we are very satisfied with the attitude of the wild animals in Badaling, and they don’t want to solve it by legal means. But since the government ‘s report is not responsible for the safety of the report, the attitude of the other big change." Mr. Zhao told the news reporter, since the zoo to get this report, on the position, only about 100000 yuan from the perspective of compensation for the families of humanity. And after September, the other party no longer contact with them. Application: family members said fear of Hierarchical Jurisdiction of local protection tendency "we believe that the Badaling wild animal world beast area" self driving tour "project is the illegal operation of the project, design defects, no warning signs, do not know whether the vehicle has been out of danger after the accident, the rescue is also very poor, no emergency plan." Zhao told reporters, in view of this, they decided to sue the Badaling wildlife world. "With an investigation group August report, and before the Badaling wild animal world stabbing incident occurred after treatment results, we fear that some departments or units have local protection tendency, so we apply by the Beijing first intermediate people’s Court of hierarchical jurisdiction or by the Supreme People’s Court of Beijing District of Yanqing Road, non specified相关的主题文章: