To the light Market tasted days focusing CPI-meyou

Xiang Zhengwen: light market days of British CPI client focused a view the latest market news Monday was light, mainly for black Friday last week the market adjustment, the main non US currency and gold and silver oil did not continue to decline, but the dressing. European stock markets on Friday by U.S. stocks plunged affected, on Monday fell across the board, led to the yen hedge market, Japan dropped nearly a hundred points, to around 101.50, before testing a rebound starting point rise, and in the U.S., the three major U.S. stock indexes rebound quickly recover most of Friday temporarily decline, hedge, gold bearing the 1330 mark, was dropping 1320 support, crude oil is also a rapid Fanchou market in commodity currencies fell sharply after a rapid rebound. The dollar index rebounded face 95.60 of the resistance, the lack of new uplink power, back to 95 mark support, 3D overnight Fed officials talk to before the atmosphere by hawks doves, governor of the Federal Reserve, the Minneapolis Fed President Kaska Renard and Atlanta Fed President Lockhart described the dovish departure, the director Brainard is a permanent voting rights, always adhere to the dovish views, to raise interest rates again cooling, the dollar fell. The Federal Reserve interest rate decision will be announced next Thursday morning, until the rest of the week until next week’s resolution, there will be no speech Fed officials, the market will also focus on the resolution of the results and the speech of President Yellen. The days of the news is still relatively small, mainly focus on European time interest in Britain in August CPI and the retail price index, the UK in August after entering the economic data is good, swept away from Europe brought haze, the expected data rate and the rate of CPI month compared with the previous value of the current rise, pound at a rally stage, therefore as expected, the data will be beautiful, sterling have a further rise in space, also on the direction of the retail price index relatively stable performance, expectations and the previous value of basic level, CPI will influence is small. In addition, still need to pay close attention to changes in European stock markets on Friday, Monday was the sharp sell-off, although the rebound after the crash, the need to guard against the rebound will further decline, the Dow, S & P form a high top, or increase the market short will, if the stock market continues to fall, vigilance will affect the hedge, and the effect on commodity money. The euro against the dollar in range consolidation trend, short-term low altitude, short 1.1265-70, 1.1210 hit 1.1200 goals; to do more, target 1.1260, stop all 25 points. GBPUSD: rebound to reverse the weak, the UK data is expected to good afternoon, will further consolidate the rebound, data released positive, the pound will continue upward rhythm, days of concern 1.3300-05, stop 1.3270, target 1.3375, 1.3400. The Australian dollar continued to drop before the low hit: support 0.7490 rebound, the rebound fell further to fall, 0.7560-65 short, stop 0.7590, target 0.7500. USD JPY: back.相关的主题文章: