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UnCategorized These are the top 10 best dresses for woman this season based on massive survey done anonymously by retailers. Among them, the red lehenga choli with dupatta is most preferred dress for the brides and they look breathtaking with ornaments. We are positive you will find many others that you will like as well. 10. Red Lehenga choli – A red lehenga choli with an equally beautiful dupatta with zari work is the most preferred bridal wear amongst the lot. Red being a sign of love and new relationship, it is most preferred shade. Small sleeves are chosen ones, as it facilitates wearing may kinds of ornaments. In case you happen to wear diamond jewels then you must stick to similar color designs on your ensemble. If you happen to wear gold ornaments, you should then opt for golden embellishments on your dress. 9. Red Sari – Red sari is preferred with a matching blouse and a .plimenting dupatta/veil on the head. You must be aware that a sari is 6 m long fabric worn by a majority of Indian women, are the most elegant form of dressing. A red sari is beautiful bridal attire and is mostly worn on such occasions as marriages. Short-sleeved blouses go very well with the sari. It is not as glamorous as a red lehenga, but brides from Uttar Pradesh, Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and South India, prefer to wear saris. Along with this, brides like to have a juda on the head and also a dupatta/veil. Gold ornaments are preferred with this. 8. Ghaghra Choli – An alternative to Lehenga choli is the ghaghra choli. Brides from Western India, i.e., Rajasthan, Gujarat and Haryana prefer to wear ghaghra. The ghaghra as you ca make out, looks beautiful in all Guajarati designs and in all shades. Ghaghras in the shades of red, pink, orange, yellow and maroon look good. Short sleeves blouses are worn because brides usually wear ornaments on their arms too and the total effect is breathtaking. 7. Varanasi Saris – Brides wear the splendid looking Varanasi saris too. The extrinsic designs on the sari lend beauty and loveliness to it. You adorn a matching blouse with the sari and can wear elaborate necklace, bangles, earrings, nose rings, fist ornaments, anklets etc. Short sleeves are preferred in .parison to long sleeves. All the north Indian brides, those from Varanasi, UP, Uttaranchal etc., prefer to wear this. 6. Baluchuri Saris – Baluchuri saris with short sleeve matching blouse is a lovely .bination in shades such as blue, green and golden etc. This outfit is a specialty of brides from Bengal, Assam, and Orissa. The cost of the sari depends on the kind of design on it. The designs and colors of the sari are irresistible. 5. Beautiful Kota – Beautiful Kota saris are worn by some brides only. This sari is mostly worn by the bride as a head dress. The sari looks lovely with its check designs. .bination of any two colors, like red, pink, and green look nice on a sari. Even golden checks or other contrast checks look beautiful on a sari. Here too, a short-sleeved blouse of contrasting shade is preferred. 4. Salwar, kameez – Salwar, kameez with quarter sleeves and a dupatta are preferred. Red, pink, maroon or any color closer to these, are the preferred shades. Golden designs go very well on salwar and kameez. The dupatta is made of either net or silk fabric of similar color. A majority of brides from Punjab and Northern India like to wear salwar and kameez with dupatta. . It is a tradition to wear gold jewelries, but of late people wear diamond and platinum too. People prefer chudi with this dress. Chudi is a .bination of red, white and gold bangles, covering the hand from elbow to wrist and are popular with this kind of bridal wear. 3. Zardosi saris – Zardosi saris are the ones with dazzle and shine. People prefer dark-colored Zardosi saris with heavy jewelry. Very few brides prefer these saris but they are nevertheless worn. They were considered fashionable in the past. Again, short-sleeved blouses are worn with this sari. 2. Patiala salwar – They are similar to salwar kameez; however, the difference lies in the salwar or leg piece garment that is worn. In the case Patiala salwar, a very long material is used and heightens the elegance of the dress. Brides like to wear short kameez (kurti) with this. You may choose any dark shade of red, pink, or orange. 1. Bangladeshi Dhakai – Bangladeshi Dhakai saris and blouses, as the name suggests, are mostly worn by Bengali brides in Kolkata and West Bengal in India, in general. This sari is preferred and worn in the country of Bangladesh too. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: