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Urumqi to commemorate the victory of the Red Army 80th anniversary concert has aroused strong repercussions — Xinjiang Channel – people.com.cn October 13th, "great journey" — Urumqi city to commemorate the victory of the Red Army 80th anniversary large theme Choir concert. In the magnificent music, people listen to the heroic epic, the historical review of the Long March, feel the spirit of the long march. Yao Yue, a military band commander of the Red Army of the Xinjiang military region, said that the expression of the difficult scenes of the Red Army’s long march with music was very impressive. As a soldier, he has a deeper understanding of the history of the red army. That year, the Reds fought for freedom, to start a new life, now a good living environment, but the red gene and still need to cultivate and carry forward the spirit of. Midong Industrial and Commercial Bureau cadres Duan Rongping for the first time to listen to the theme of the concert, she thinks this expression has a revolutionary era, by playing music and electronic screen on the historical scene, let her feel the long and difficult, new life comes not easy, let her cherish the moment life. High tech Zone (New Urban Road) Tongan community staff Li Jun believes should be the spirit of the long march through the usual work to. The purpose of the party is to serve the people wholeheartedly, as community workers, we should do our best to serve the residents of the region, to solve the difficulties of residents living." Li Jun said. Urumqi eighty-ninth primary school trade union chairman Dan pari? AI Ahmat concert, proud of her country stronger, she said, now a good life is the old red army were created, she should not only learn the Reds of the long march spirit, but also the spirit of the theme of the speech contest, the class meeting activity way for the school children, to cultivate children’s patriotic feelings from childhood. (Gai Yu) (Hatton: commissioning editor (Internship), Gul Han Ting)

乌市纪念红军长征胜利80周年音乐会引起强烈反响–新疆频道–人民网   10月13日,“伟大的征程” ――乌鲁木齐市纪念红军长征胜利80周年大型主题合唱音乐会举行。在气壮山河的乐声中,人们聆听英雄史诗,重温长征历史,感受长征精神。   新疆军区某红军师军乐队指挥姚越说,这种用音乐回顾历史、再现红军长征时艰难场景的表达形式非常有震撼力。作为一名军人,他对红军历史的认识更加深刻。当年,红军们为了自由、开创新生活前仆后继,现在生活环境好了,但这种红色基因和精神仍然需要继续培养和发扬。   米东区工商局干部段蓉萍第一次听这种主题音乐会,她认为这样的表达方式有着更强的革命时代性,通过音乐和电子大屏上播放的历史画面场景,让她体会到了长征的艰难,以及新生活的来之不易,让她更加珍惜当下的生活。   高新区(新市区)通安南路社区工作人员李俊则认为,应该将长征精神贯穿到平时的工作中去。“党的宗旨是全心全意为人民服务,作为社区工作人员,我们应该做的就是尽心尽力为辖区居民服务,解决居民生活困难。”李俊说。   乌市第89小学工会主席帕丽旦?艾合买提听完音乐会后,对祖国的自豪感更加浓烈,她说,现在的好生活是老红军们创造出来的,她不仅要学习红军们的长征精神,还要将这种精神通过主题演讲比赛、班队会活动等方式讲给学校的孩子们,从小培养孩子们的爱国情怀。(盖煜) (责编:阿通古丽(实习)、韩婷)相关的主题文章: