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Vancouver | "colored" autumn to tempt you. – if the Vancouver summer tourism Sohu is blue and green tone, so Vancouver autumn is a colorful palette, with the passage of time, the whole city seems to be exaggerated, showing a completely different picture. Credit: Clayton Perry last year Pantone color wheel fire recently made the fall fashion color report, color span a wide fall together follow the small series of Vancouver is how these color fusion in the infinite beauty of the! Multi front warning! NO.17-4028 RIVERSIDE calm and quiet, the color with a sense of mystery, like the night sky, graffiti on the wall. NO.14-4122 AIRY BLUE is light blue, Vancouver tender tender blue blue sky, the morning of fog. NO.17-3914 SHARKSKIN gray, reminiscent of Vancouver seagull flying on the table is a gray, most people love seafood restaurant oysters – color. Canadians have a saying, only in the "ER" including the two letters of the month, it is the most plentiful oyster flavor, such as September (September), October (October), November (November), December (December). So in October the golden week holiday to Vancouver, oyster is definitely one of the delicacy not to be missed. NO.18-1550 AURORA RED where little red in autumn, and Vancouver maple leaf, ebullience and bold color. NO.18-1630 DUSTY CEDAR with a rose pink hue, is a touch of Vancouver sunset colors. Everywhere in Vancouver, you can see the different scenery of the sunset, and in the English Bay, you can see the most amazing beautiful sunset. NO.18-5845 LUSH MEADOW green, forest color, mountain and water color, full of vitality. The Great Bear rainforest is charming, popular in the Vancouver rain forest large primeval forest, you breathe in here will be easy! NO.14-0952 SPICY MUSTARD, mustard yellow, bold jump colors, hidden in the morning sunlight, autumn maple. NO.18-1340 POTTER ‘S CLAY the earth color, is huoshao burned to the most exuberant moment burst out of the shadow, but also in maple syrup is sweet. NO.17-3240 BODACIOUS has a bright purple, pink is feeling, dawn, sunset is autumn palette surprise color. Siwoshi Stonehenge, in.相关的主题文章: