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Vice Minister of the central United Front Work Department Quan Zhezhu: the key lies in the precise poverty and promote employment – Beijing new network in Dehong in September 13 (Xinhua Wang?) the so-called "poverty alleviation, to achieve accurate, rather than let the poor workers and peasants justifiably eat low". 13, in Yunnan Province, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture Ruili held "Dehong Chinese Guangcai" activities, the Vice Minister of the central United Front Work Department Quan Zhezhu says. Chinese Guangcai is a private enterprise as the main participants, the project investment is the main form of social poverty alleviation and development business will focus on specific poverty-stricken areas to carry out "bright line" activities every year, this year the "bright line" activities came to Dehong. Dehong is located in the western Yunnan, western Yunnan Guizhou Plateau Hengduan Mountains in the southern part of the state, less population, minority poverty area, deep poverty. In 2011, the poverty rate of 42.2%, the per capita net income of farmers 2907 yuan, much lower than the average level of Yunnan province; 5 years after the state government’s unremitting efforts, as of now, the state’s poverty rate fell to 7.76%, but the level of poverty are still deep. The "Dehong" the main highlight the ideal faith education for private entrepreneurs, to fully understand the actual situation of the frontier minority areas; at the same time, with poor households filing riser for investment in specific projects, precise poverty alleviation. In addition to specific projects, the key to accurate poverty alleviation efforts to promote poverty." Zhang said that employment is the people’s livelihood priority, one person can often work out of poverty. Quan Zhezhu said: "private enterprises to actively develop the employment capacity of large projects, the ethnic minority regions of poor households to recruit staff, carry out orders targeted training, help them master production skills and make sustainable poverty alleviation work". Yunnan provincial Party Secretary Moses Chan said that Dehong has great potential for development. In the deployment of national economy "The Belt and Road" and BCIM economic corridor, Dehong is the transportation hub, but also to the India ocean overland routes. I hope the industry and the project can fall short of poverty in the long term to achieve cooperation and win-win." Yunnan Provincial Standing Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Huang Yi introduced, including the preparation, since the state government of Dehong set up 8 state and 23 counties in each province to investment unit has precise investment, carry out investment activities 556 times, signed a total of 183, 322 billion yuan investment agreement. Up to now, 131 contracts have been signed, contract investment of $157 billion, the actual funds in place 16 billion 769 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章: