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Vomiting during pregnancy may be a normal reaction, may also be seven diseases! Sohu maternal and child, ah, how uncomfortable?" Just 1 months pregnant more than 6 yellow morning, lying in the toilet painful vomiting, the side of her husband in the side with his worry at heart is painful slobber. Each October be pregnant, pregnant women will encounter such a situation, if there is no morning sickness is not like pregnancy. In the face of morning sickness, every pregnant woman of the state are not the same, some do not pay attention to, it is what, some even call, get excited over a little thing, just as I spit: "small, again this morning. Is there a problem?" There are pregnant women worried about their pregnant women, eat well, sleep well, poor nutrition, can not give the belly of the fetus more nutrition, there are, afraid of their own vomiting will shake the fetus in the stomach. In a word, a sort of vomiting, affecting almost all the pregnant mother’s heart. Then, as every day and pregnant women dealing with old obstetric, for morning sickness, should be how to see? The scientific point of view, to treat morning sickness, not too seriously. Because the morning sickness is normal, morning sickness, and is closely related to many factors, such as the pregnant hormone content in human body, mental stress and so on. Most of the morning sickness in the later stages of pregnancy, will reduce or disappear. However, for pregnant women, nor too lightly, because there is some sickness caused by the disease, and these diseases if not treated, will affect the safety of pregnancy and baby. And even endanger the lives of pregnant women. So, for the pregnant mother, how to determine whether their morning sickness is normal, or caused by disease? There is an important trick, simply, nausea and vomiting in pregnancy began to appear in time is very important, almost all the affected pregnant women in early pregnancy will appear symptoms of nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. However, if the patient for the first time in 9 weeks of pregnancy nausea and vomiting after, you need to be careful, especially in the early stages of pregnancy, pregnant women if no morning sickness, but to more than 2 months, but the morning sickness, it is necessary to pay attention to, this may be a sickness of other diseases. The first is gastrointestinal diseases, especially in the hot summer, if pregnant women eat unclean or expired food, it is easy to suffer from gastroenteritis, biliary tract disease, this disease is increasingly caused by vomiting, if you simply think is the pregnancy reaction, it will affect the treatment of disease. The second is the urinary system diseases during pregnancy, some pregnant women suffer from urinary tract infection and pyelonephritis, this disease can also cause vomiting. Third is genital diseases, such as ovarian torsion, also can cause vomiting. Fourth, is a metabolic disease, there will be some pregnant women with diabetes mellitus, diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperthyroidism and other symptoms, can also cause vomiting. The fifth is a nervous disorder, pseudo brain tumors, vestibular lesions, can also cause vomiting in pregnant women. The sixth is pregnancy related diseases, such as acute fatty liver during pregnancy, preeclampsia, vomiting. Finally, some other factors, such as drug poisoning,.相关的主题文章: