Wang Baoquan doubts not to give Wang Jiamin the opportunity that Li Yingying is the core of the

Wang Baoquan doubts not to give Wang Jiamin the opportunity that Li Yingying is the core of the future of Tianjin Tianjin Youth Women’s volleyball women’s volleyball font Wang Jiamin [microblogging] left the main Li Yingying some time ago was transferred to the national team training. Just 16 years old Li Yingying stand out at the same age, by Lang Ping [micro-blog] phase, from another side can see the potential of Li Yingying. As Tianjin women volleyball talent with coach Wang Baoquan enougher, in fact Yao Di [micro-blog], including Wang Ning, Wang Jiamin, Liu Liwen, [micro-blog] in Yunwei are very young, but compared with Yao Di, Wang Ning, Liu Liwen, had hit a season this season Wang Jiamin hadn’t played much, so in the eyes of Wang Baoquan is how to treat Wang Jiamin and Li Yingying? Wang Baoquan said: "on Wang Jiamin, compared with the problem, and did not play much or because the setter of the league this year, her not Zhang Xiaoting Wang Ning [micro-blog], this skill, especially for remedying the ability, ability to adapt to the second is to be improved, she also needs more Polish. About Li Yingying, because she is a younger, older young athletes, so it is too early to let her participate in professional training is not conducive to her future development, which is equivalent to her or so spoil things by excessive enthusiasm, more time, believe that she will grow into a row, Tianjin female mainstay core future characters." (source: Tianjin women’s volleyball team public number)

王宝泉释疑不给王佳敏机会 称李盈莹是未来核心 天津女排副攻王佳敏   天津青年女排[微博]的左手主攻李盈莹前段时间被调到国家队试训。刚刚年满16岁的李盈莹在同年龄段脱颖而出,被郎平[微博]相中,从另一个侧面可以看出李盈莹的潜力。天津女排后备人才用主教练王宝泉的话说比较充足,事实上姚迪[微博]、王宁,包括王佳敏[微博]、刘立雯、于鋆炜也都非常年轻,但是相对于姚迪、王宁、刘立雯而言,曾经主打了一个赛季的王佳敏本赛季出场机会不多,那么在王宝泉眼中又是如何看待王佳敏和李盈莹的呢?   王宝泉表示:“关于王佳敏,今年联赛上场不多还是由于和二传的配合问题,相比之下,她的技术没有张晓婷[微博]、王宁这样的娴熟,尤其是对于二传的弥补能力、适应能力还有待提高,她还需要更多的磨砺吧。关于李盈莹,因为她年纪比较小,是少年运动员的一个年纪,所以过早的让她参与专业化的训练不利于她将来的发展,这就相当于是拔苗助长,所以还是给她更多的时间,相信她会成长为天津女排未来的中流砥柱、核心式的人物。”   (来源:体工大队天津女排公众号)相关的主题文章: