Wang Ou dressed in sexy sexy Yang Mi-vidalia

Wang Ou dressed sexy can attack Yang Mi not lose lead: Recently, Hawick Lau traced derailed actress Wang Ou, the truth is still unclear, as a fashion editor, Wang Ou pays more attention to the usual dress, from it to other activities, Wang Ou tall body relaxed the control of various styles of clothes, taste is not lost to Yang Mi. Wang Ou     Wang Ou usually very elegant and feminine love dress, small coat take sexy lace shirt, with a high waist pants, even wear flat shoes can also give people the feeling of tall, Wang Ou itself is very high, especially feminine dress. Wang Ou a jeans let Wang Ou by age for several years, in a denim jacket striped shirt, with jeans, wearing white sneakers, youth was tender, especially the anti wearing a cowboy hat, looks very fresh. Wang Ou sweater with loose jeans and high heels, winter fashion dress, especially simple combination of two pieces of a single product, easy to show a sense of fashion, winter wear so wear it. Wang Ou long black coat in a turtleneck sweater, wearing seven jeans, a pair of white shoes fix fashion styling, coat and shoes to know is now popular style. Wang Ou bare pink long coats, cool cut, double breasted decoration, straight version type, simple type, in a black shirt, wearing leather pants, a pair of black hightops more fashion sense. Wang Ou     black casual jacket in a light grey Hooded Dress, bare legs sexy collocation, black shoes, fashion street shoot Frank airport. Wang Ou     personalized light blue sleeveless coat collocation high waist pants seven, a small waist and leg, collocation shoes, special chic and elegant. The Wang Ou woolen coat cut very chic, lattice decoration, exquisite lapel, long version of the model, the upper part of the body full of atmosphere, great taste, in a black shirt, wearing black pants and shoes with lazy, lazy. Wang Ou this year popular exaggerated big coat sleeves, many actresses are in love with this design, collar showing pretty sexy collarbone, blue corduroy, is this year’s hot elements, collocation tall waist straight jeans, high heels, legs are below the chest. Wang Ou     sleeveless vest suit dress, trimmed chic stylish, wearing elegant temperament and collocation, Rome high heels, with long legs. Wang Ou white collar shirt collocation black waisted pants, good fancy dress, classic black and white match unbeaten, never out of date, on high heels, full gas field. Wang Ou red long sleeved shirt collocation with color pants, good festive costumes, let Wang Ou look more white, tall, tall, outstanding temperament she is fit for this dress.  相关的主题文章: