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The watermelon thin sweet taste   teach you to pick a watermelon 6 skills – Shenzhen channel — people.com.cn original title: watermelon thin sweet taste to teach you to pick a watermelon watermelon 6 skill people are the preferred health delicious fruit, refreshing thirst, slimming, watermelon has a variety of effects, but when people are most afraid of accidentally pick pick a good how to pick a watermelon, watermelon is more reliable? Watermelon skin how to eat? Let’s look at the following xiaobian. How to pick the 1 view color, smooth surface, clear pattern in rind and texture is obvious, the bottom surface of yellow watermelon is more reliable, ripe melon; surface soft, shiny dark spots, and lines are not clear, is not the melon melon shells with your fingers; hear "bang bang" sound, ripe melon is heard; "Dangdang" sound, is not ripe, hear "puff" sound, is overripe melon. 2, look at the green fruit stalk, is ripe melon; dark brown, hair loss, bending crisp, curled up to tip yellowing withered, is not just picking melons; fruit stalk is withered, "dead cane melon", poor quality. 3, look at the ends of symmetry, umbilical and Guadi sag deep, around the full is a good melon; large head and a small tail or head and tail is thick, the poor quality of melon. 4, than the elastic rind is thin, fragile pressure finger, is ripe melon; with nail zoned crack, the weak melon is ripe melon. 5, using his hands free floating feeling, is ripe melon; sinking feeling, is sub. 6, the proportion of investment in water upward, is ripe melon sink is raw. Eat watermelon to eat salad, 1 watermelon materials: watermelon, garlic, chicken, sugar, salt, sesame oil. Practices: the watermelon cut hard to stay a little red flesh, green watermelon, cut into small pieces. Add garlic, chicken powder, sugar, salt and sesame oil, stir it. 2, mung bean watermelon skin soup raw material: mung bean 100 grams, watermelon skin of 500 grams. Practices: mung bean and 1500 ml boiled soup, after boiling for 10 minutes after the mung bean, and then wash the watermelon peel into the re boil, cold soup can be boiled, several times a day. Function: heat detoxification, Chufan thirst. In mung bean sweet cold, can Qingrejiedu, swelling under the gas, clear heat and water; watermelon Pigan cold, heat, Chufan thirst. Suitable for use in summer acne patients. * learn the name "watermelon watermelon peel", is heat, thirst medicine, such as the watermelon skin drying, powder topical, cure ulcer. (commissioning editor Yuan Liyun and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章: