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Marriage-Wedding Wedding planning can be a very daunting and stressful task, if facing it for the first time. But by planning and organizing for your wedding effectively and strategically you can avoid all the stress and make your planning all the more enjoyable and memorable. But before announcing your wedding you must discuss and plan everything with your fianc such as about wedding dress, how many guests will attend the party, wedding venue, decorations and entertainment, the time and date and the most important thing what kind of food you will serve to your guests. The number one thing which you must do before you start wedding planning is to set your budget, this is the most important aspect of the wedding, because if you do not have enough money you may end up disappointed. After this the next important thing is to set your date. Once you have selected the date for your wedding you can easily concentrate on other aspects of your wedding. And always remember that you must be realistic. After deciding on the date you can search for the best wedding venue for your. And once you have the perfect location for your wedding you will need to book this as soon as possible. There are many venues that will give you the opportunity of booking one to two years in advance. You can avail of this opportunity if you are .pletely sure that you will not have to cancel the date. Before booking your venue you must prepare your guest list because you have to book the venue according to your guest numbers. Always remember that your guests will more than likely be ac.panied by their partner or friend. Thus you will have to keep the list of invited guests small to avoid blowing your budget. By only inviting those people who are very close to you, as to invite everybody to the meal can be very expensive. There is always the option inviting people along to the afters, which happen after the meal, and then as many can enjoy the celebration without costing you an arm and a leg. If you are have a wedding marquee, you will have to hire a good team of wedding caterers must be very careful because if your food is not good then your guests will start .plaining about your food, so this can be quite expensive, so you should bear this in mind with your wedding planning. And it is obvious that you will not want this thing to happen at your big day. You can easily find best wedding caterers by searching a good wedding suppliers directory Another important aspect which you must think of is the decoration. Generally these days couples prefer selecting a theme for their wedding day such as a particular colour or winter wedding. A winter wedding is a very popular themed wedding and is a very good idea because it ensures that guests from overseas can make it your guests to your wedding, it also makes a perfect and memorable one. The last but the most important is selecting your perfect wedding dress. You must also remember that shopping for wedding dress is a very time consuming process in your wedding planning. Therefore you should start your shopping sometime in advance of your wedding but you should also enjoy this time. You can also surf inter. for your perfect wedding dress. If you want you’re weddings to be perfect and memorable just like every girls dreamsof then you have to consider all these points or you can also take help from a wedding planner. Wedding planner will arrange everything for your party within your financial limits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: