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What factors determine the degree of tea foam? Tea brewing what stress? Sohu and map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jing maishan" influence, planting or manner of growth from growing point of view, the main difference is that the organic or inorganic planting cultivation, which is the key of fertilizer. The organic fertilizer is organic fertilizer, which provides plenty of fertility and nutrition, and the aeration of the soil is also good, which is beneficial to the growth of tea and the formation of relatively rich and reasonable components. Therefore, after the finished tea, tea foam, fresh taste. Application of inorganic fertilizer is a chemical fertilizer, the benefits of only one, tea can grow faster in the short term, increase production. However, its many shortcomings, but also obviously: one is the effect of short period, due to the longer fertility worse, bud leaf growth also contains ingredients of poor, weak, not made after the resistance to bubble. The two is the long-term application, easily lead to soil compaction, organic matter less and less, the decline in fertility is serious; at the same time, harden soil ventilation, nitrogen in the air is not easy to absorb, so thin shoots, containing the ingredient is limited, and therefore no resistance to bubble, not fresh. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jing maishan" from the growth point of view, mainly related to the growth environment and the growth cycle. The growth environment, the high altitude area of tea plantations, benefit from forest, vegetation, animal activities, rich in organic matter; and the light intensity and humidity is reasonable, tea contains ingredients rich generation, composition is reasonable, made it resistant foam and fresh some. Low altitude on the contrary, the lack of organic matter, the frequent use of chemical fertilizer, total lead containing relatively low, not high bubble is natural; and the illumination is full, fresh ingredients, bitter components, the taste is not very good. In the aspect of the growth cycle, the length of the picking interval is mainly manifested as the difference of arbor, small arbor and shrub. General tea in a year if picking the low frequency components, so the accumulation of tea, the more frequent than picking resistance, global; trees, small trees grow longer, both developed and root into soil and nutrients into more tea leaves contains even more rich, and the shrub is just the opposite. Therefore, the high degree of resistance to many global. Map: South Beauty Tea tea trees tea Valley five hundred years "Jingmai hill" two, the main processing and selection of raw materials and rolling degree. Raw materials of the old tender, directly related to the number of components. In the same season, the bud tip contains less ingredients, it is not resistant to foam; and a bud two leaves or three leaves, they contain a relatively large number of components, high degree of foam resistance. Rolling almost every type of tea are. A lot of tea friends think that this process is only for tea to do shape; however, it is also an important aspect of the broken rate of the cell in a reasonable range, facilitate the extraction of inclusions. This is especially related to the degree of foam resistance. Rolling over, tea cell wall broken too much, when brewing in the global fast leaching juice, few water; but also lead to lack of rolling, tea is not easy to extract, tea Guadan, no resistance to bubble. Map: South beauty tea trees tea tea Valley Network相关的主题文章: