What fruit to eat the autumn jieduyanggan-yuanjiao

What fruit to eat and fall in people’s life and work pressure the detoxification, entertainment is busy, these people put the body of excessive overdrafts, leading to decreased immunity, it has become a high incidence of hepatitis. In the daily diet is what food can liver? Autumn eat what fruit can jieduyanggan? Autumn eat what fruit can jieduyanggan? 1, lemon: lemon with liver and spleen detoxification, anti-virus, often eat can protect the liver cells from free radical damage, can effectively promote protein synthesis, accelerate the repair and regeneration of hepatic cells, so as to play the role of nourishing and protecting liver function, but the food lemon is acidic, acid for many people should be appropriate and should be shensi. 2, kiwi fruit: it is known as "super fruit". It is rich in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential amino acids, minerals and other effective ingredients. It often has the function of regulating and removing, protecting the liver, preventing cancer and beautifying the face. Kiwi can help the liver to detoxify, and its liver protection is especially strong. People who drink wine should eat kiwi fruit after drinking, because it can not only relieve alcoholism, but also help the liver to exclude alcohol and poison. It also can quickly alleviate the damp heat and some uncomfortable symptoms of the stomach, such as nausea, vomiting and headache. 3, Orange: orange taste, sweet with acid, fragrance and pleasant fragrance. In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that oranges have the effect of dispelling wind and evil and stopping hysteria. The vitamins in oranges, especially vitamin E and vitamin C, are very obvious for the maintenance of liver cells, the prevention of constipation, the enhancement of immunity in patients with cirrhosis, especially for detoxification, stomach strengthening and spleen strengthening. In addition, oranges "relieving" liver cirrhosis, do not overdo the removal of "orange white", that is, the flesh, white filamentous objects. Eat together, the effect will be better. 4, bananas: the variety of bananas, in fact, many. In patients with liver cirrhosis, appropriate amount of food should be taken after the liver cirrhosis is performed. In addition, it is very good to eat a banana as a routine care for the liver cirrhosis. The effect of bananas on the intestines and defecation is not to be introduced too much. For friends with liver cirrhosis, bananas can prevent intestinal bleeding. The dietary fiber in the banana can enhance the power of the patients with liver cirrhosis and its intestinal tract.