Why Facebook Became The Most Popular Social .working Site And Where Its Headed.-yvette yates

Internet-Marketing The introduction note of Facebook says facebook helps you to connect and share with the people in your life… With more than 600 million active users, have you ever though what makes facebook so popular? The answer to above question depends on who you ask. For some, it is a way to remain connected with friends and family. Others say its a fantastic way to see what others are doing in their life. Many others say it is a way though which you can get to know new people around the world. The news about your friend who is in another continent can reach you easily in just a matter of few seconds, and vice versa. People love to talk about themselves, especially when they have an audience and they are not in front of them. Many people post many updates in a day on anything. When people LIKE you status, pictures, videos or anything that you share, it gives some kind of motivation or a feeling of being loved. Face book has much kind of addictive game and add-ons that keep people .ing back to the site. People spend hours playing these games, and periodically check new feed if anything amusing is happening. Prior to internet, the main avenue of advertising was radio or television .mercial, print ads in newspaper or magazine. Many of these avenues were extremely expensive so business so a great alternative in facebook pages. Facebook also understood the potential it had for businesses, and it began helping .panies increase their online presence though its .work. As a result, you see facebook getting free advertising everywhere, and business inviting their readers, followers, customers, viewers etc to join their facebook page. Facebook is popular because it connects people on a global basis. It is a place where you can share everything that is happing in your life, in single sentences. It is a place where business can connect to its existing customer and find new ones. With more a million applications getting added every day we know what a big giant facebook is. Facebook now has a center place in our culture. Now even before asking for other persons contact number they whisper you on facebook It is clear that facebook has finally, totally made it and its here to stay. But is it? With so much of popularity that facebook has gained in recent years, the question that crosses every ones mind is for how long will this continue and what is the future of facebook? Technology is advancing so much everyday that future of any social .working site is difficult to predict. Social .working sites have a flavor of a month life cycle and what is most popular today can be a history tomorrow. Facebook has to do a lot of hard work to remain innovative and cool or it will b next my space or Orkut. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: