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Marketing Trade shows are an excellent opportunity for your business to get concentrated exposure in front of a targeted audience. Asking the right questions about the trade show to make sure the event is a good fit for you and your company, the appearance of your trade show display, and how you decide to set up your space will all determine whether the trade show is a wise investment for you. If your company or organization is only half-heartedly considering participation in a trade show you’ve heard about or attended once or twice, forget it. Participating in a trade show and getting positive results from it require passion, which can be bought at the price of proper preparation. If you’re contemplating participation in a trade show and you just don’t know if you want to spend the money, forget it. You can’t afford to be there with that kind of attitude. Your decision to participate in the trade show is going to be reasoned by talking to the Trade Show sponsor/manager and this requires taking initiative and asking intelligent questions. Here are a few questions to ask the Show manager/sponsor: 1) As a first-time participant do I have to be assigned a space in the far back of the exhibit hall OR can I get a more advantageous space near one of the entrances? Location is everything, so try and get the best space possible for your trade show exhibit. Some of the bigger shows place the first-time participants anywhere they can. Ask for a space near the front at the entrance(s) and if declined, then ask to be placed on an aisle that is adjacent (or in close proximity) to your competition. But, if all else fails, don’t be discouraged take the space offered and (if it’s a good show) bargain intensely for a better (or the best) space next year. 2) If I’m assigned the far back space this first time can I get a better position next year? Participants who have attended the show in the past may get more prominent placement than you but that doesn’t mean you can’t think forward for next year. 3) Do you (show manager) compute the space based on the industry standard of 10′ in width and 8′ in depth, OR do you follow a different standard? If they respond that they don’t follow the industry standard, INSIST that they do. Ten feet is ten feet you can only see one or two persons in your space at one time. If you can afford to participate in the trade show, consider a 20′ space. You have much more room to display your products and services and discuss the wants, needs and desires of more than one prospect or suspect at a time. Think about it. 4) What services do you offer? The bigger shows will allow you to send your display ahead of time and will store it for you until you retrieve it at the appointed hour to install it. The bigger shows will also have a full-time person assigned to attend to the thousands of details that crop up at the last minute. If the show manager is paying attention, they’ll treat you like gold. If they don’t, you can place their lack of customer service in your memory bank for the decision next year if that’s important to you. If you decide to attend the trade show AND participate then you better be prepared. Here are some helpful suggestions. 1) Pick the shows that offer maximum exposure to your target market(s). You’ll recognize these because your prime competition will already be signed up and has probably been attending for many years. 2) Carefully choose the individuals who will man the space.’ You need people there who can best answer the anticipated questions your customers, prospects and suspects will ask (this may or MAY NOT be your best sales persons). Think about it. 3) Consider featuring products and/or services that can meet the expectations of your most demanding customers. Keep in mind these products MAY NOT be the latest and greatest products and/or services your organization has to offer. You can’t overlook the latest and greatest’ but the old stand by’ products and services may be just what someone who knows little or nothing about your company is looking for. Think about it. 4) Consider the back drop or trade show display that will present your company or organization in the best light. Duh. But you’ve seen a ton of displays that are so cluttered and unprofessional you wonder why anyone in his or her right mind would stop at the space at all. If your organization screams custom then by all means go there and produce the best possible custom booth you can afford. If, however, your organization wants a high degree of portability and no union labor to install or dismantle your trade show display, then consider a pop-up with the best graphics package you can afford. This alternative can be as much as 75% less expensive than a custom display. 5) Finally, select graphics that will be so compelling, long-time customers as well as first-time prospects and suspects will be driven to see what you have to offer. For all the helpful tips you need to know to design your graphics OR for a free consultation regarding the design, visit ..showstopperexhibits.. or call (888) 547-0377 and ask for Jim Deady (Day-de). About the Author: 相关的主题文章: