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With their parents to explain their work really tired, take them on the day of class you dare? Sohu technology you may not explain to parents front-end engineers, social network operations manager, COO and preacher is what…… But don’t underestimate their ability to accept new things. It’s time for them to see how powerful you are at work – because you may want to know them again. In the United States has a tradition of work: the fourth Thursday of April is to bring children to work day (Take Our Daughters Sons and to Work). USA first lady Michel · Obama invited children to the White House for the kids to work day activities in Silicon Valley, many technology companies are adhering to open, relaxed corporate culture, practitioners in the year any day can bring cats, dogs and children go to work. On Friday, November 4th, many employees around the world chose to bring their parents to the company. This is the #BIYP (LinkedIn) and create a new culture in the workplace popular: Day in (Bring Your Parents), this year has been a year. Do not know what time from the beginning, from the parents raise us, give us the experience and knowledge of the wizard, a model into a week also did not say two words, stay at home doing nothing of the old man and the old lady — believe it should be a lot of people have encountered the situation. A survey of leading English users and their parents, there are more than 1/3 of the parents for their children to do what work for my family did not know. Not only that, but the survey also found that a higher proportion of parents do not have the skills used in their children’s daily work, it is even more difficult to understand what their children are doing every day. There’s nothing wrong with the report. For example, like "web developers" and "social network" is the operations manager at the beginning of the work of young people welcome the job, many parents have not heard of, after all the time they work just yet, "and the social network of these two things; of course, the Chief Operating Officer to the position they are more difficult to understand if, let them know that you are the COO of the company, then you will get you 80%" in the company all day operate what? A similar problem, even in Silicon Valley, if you tell your parents is the preacher (Evangelist) — "I am the God of your work in the church? Why didn’t you tell me? "Parents may ask you so surprised…… The cognitive differences between parents and children about their careers can sometimes make jokes…… For example, a friend of my friend, a India based investor in the United States, has experienced such a thing: in the process of almost everyone in the process, the help of parents is the most important. Led the British hope that through the annual "bring their parents to work day", giving a note相关的主题文章: