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Wuhan exposure to many absurd precise poverty: there cadres photographed evercome to Sohu news the day before, Hubei city of Wuhan province in 2016 ten outstanding issues promised rectification tracking reports third broadcast, focusing on poverty alleviation precise problems need to be improved. Wuhan Municipal Agricultural Commission, Poverty Alleviation Office responsible person asked the government to accept the scene. 1 where the program reflects the poverty alleviation cadres in Huangpi District, Cai Dian Jie Zhao Dian Cun Zhu Shaoyu couples in the minds of the precise poverty to give them a deep impression as one. Poverty alleviation cadres said, take a photo can prove to have passed. After they had finished, they left. Deng Nan Jie, Hannan District Xingou village Wang Lifu elderly is by phone, they knew that they were accurate to help the poor. The other said, there is something to call, events can not help, small problems can be. After the Spring Festival this year, the old man died of a brain tumor do craniotomy, surgery costs more than 130 thousand yuan, not only spent all their savings but also owe a debt. However, the poverty alleviation cadres only made a phone call, even people have not come. Governance Yung office inspection also found that some poor cadres are commuting, no residency helping some up did not show up for 10 months. Deputy director of the Municipal Agricultural Commission, Poverty Alleviation Office Director Zhu Jianguo frankly stated that the film reflects the typical formalism of poverty alleviation. From the inspection situation, really commuting, helping the titular phenomenon. The next step will be to increase unannounced inspection, did not perform in place firmly accountable. Wuhan University Dr. Chen Ming believes that the village cadres and the most important thing is the heart of poverty alleviation and self-discipline. Because the causes of poverty are different, identify the root cause, an antidote against the disease, is the focus of every village cadres in the work of poverty alleviation. 2 elderly people suffering from the loss of the Jiangxia District of Shu Shu ho ho ho, who is learning to fire the old man, aged 82, at present, only $180 per month of rural old-age insurance and suffering from severe rheumatism in Anxiang. After being included in the precise help poverty, poverty alleviation project team arrange chicken to him, and sent 100 chickens. However, the old man’s life is even harder. "I only eat two meals a day, the chicken to feed a day, three times, immediately did not eat." Feed at the poverty alleviation work team There is not much left. brought the old man guilty of worry. 4 months later, because the elderly lack of breeding technology, from chicks all died, the old man also lose hundreds of yuan. Shi Libing, deputy director of the municipal Poverty Alleviation Office said, watching the short film is very sad, which shows that the measures are still not precise enough help. Even the elderly have their own problems to eat, but also to chicken, but became his burden. Chen Ming analysis, this is a typical case of poverty caused by illness. Poverty is not only to the heart, but also to use the brain. Relevant departments should develop specific medical insurance measures, clear how much money each month for the elderly, this is to help to implement. 3 photovoltaic power generation project "abortion" program exposure, cure Yung unannounced visits found, Xinzhou District Three Dian Jie Cao Gang Cun of poverty alleviation projects is the construction of photovoltaic power generation project, but finally failed. The village Party branch secretary Xiao Yuzhai said, looking for a lot of departments have no clear answer, but the electricity sector is not very good. Because the project is blocked, Cao Gang Cun has signed a cooperation agreement with the Wuhan Wan Xingxiang Materials Co. Ltd, 600 thousand.相关的主题文章: