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The yacht industry is becoming more and more popular in China. 2017 will form a mass consumer market. The first Harbin yacht Expo is in full swing, attracting more than ten brands at home and abroad, such as China, Australia and france. Heilongjiang province is located in China Xinjiang, every year there are more than 4 months of the winter season, even so, as a set of sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions of the sea of high-end tourism, or take a fancy to the market in Heilongjiang, capital of Heilongjiang province entered the yacht leisure city life in Harbin, the huge business opportunities to the manufacturers, the service provider that a blue future. In recent years, the scale of China’s yacht market has gradually expanded, especially in the coastal, along the Yangtze River and medium-sized cities in the yacht industry is in the ascendant, yacht based sports events, tourism, cultural leisure and other activities rich and colorful. Records of hundreds of years of history of the development of Harbin City, at the beginning of the last century, the first Chinese yacht club was born here, in 60s and 70s, the summer Songhua River "white sails" exotic remain in people’s memory. At this exhibition, Shi Xiaodong saw the yacht industry enter into the people first era in China, and business opportunities have already come knocking on the door. Yacht tourism has always been regarded as the game of the rich, but in recent years, the yacht project in the coastal area is booming. It has been estimated that the yacht industry is expected to become another big gold industry after the automotive industry." Chen Lei, executive president and secretary-general of Heilongjiang Yacht Industry Development Association, said that yachts have gradually "swam" to Chinese middle class families. China Yacht consumption increased from 33.1% in 2007 to 2013, and increased from 41.4% in 2013 to 2015. This growth rate is simply not supported by the consumption of the rich." In China, the middle class has become the main group of yacht consumption, and the yacht industry is in a huge market in china. The geographical location of about 5000000 people in Finland is similar to that in Heilongjiang. It has the influence of winter. It is suitable to carry out yachting every four months, with an average of 7 per person, and 85% of the yachts are boats less than 6 meters." Chen Lei has found that Finland and Heilongjiang are close to natural conditions, and the inland water system is developed. "The promotion of yachts in Heilongjiang can also be a great success, not to mention other cities with better geographical conditions in the mainland." From these stages of the yacht driver training class registration, we can see that the yacht has gradually become close to the people. Chen Lei said, learning yacht crowd has been gathered from the person in charge of the enterprise, and gradually extended to senior white-collar. In recent years, China has formulated and implemented industrial policies to encourage and support the integration and development of yacht industry, and clearly pointed out that in 2017, the country will initially form an interconnected yacht leisure tourism route network, and cultivate a yacht mass consumer market.

游艇产业在中国渐亲民 2017将形成大众消费市场首届哈尔滨游艇博览正如火如荼的进行中,共吸引了中国、澳大利亚、法国等国内外十余个品牌参展。黑龙江省地处中国北疆,每年有4个多月的寒冬季节,即便如此,作为一种集运动、娱乐、休闲等功能为一体的亲海型高端旅游业,还是看中了黑龙江的市场,游艇休闲迈入黑龙江省会哈尔滨的城市生活,巨大的商机向生产厂商、服务商昭示了一个蔚蓝的未来。近年来,中国游艇市场规模逐步扩大,特别是沿海、沿江大中城市的游艇产业方兴未艾,以游艇为依托的体育赛事、旅游观光、文化休闲等活动丰富多彩。 开埠百年的哈尔滨城市发展史记载,上世纪初,中国第一个游艇俱乐部诞生在这里,上世纪六七十年代,夏季松花江上“白帆点点”的异国风情仍留在人们的记忆中。在这次展览会上,石晓东看到了游艇产业在中国进入亲民时代,商机已经来敲门。“游艇旅游一直被视为是富人的游戏,不过,近年来临海地区游艇项目蓬勃兴起,已经有人预计,游艇产业有望成为继汽车产业之后的又一大黄金产业。”黑龙江省游艇业发展促进会执行会长兼秘书长陈雷坦言,游艇已经逐渐“游”向中国的中产家庭。“中国游艇消费2007年至2013年期间增速为33.1%,而从2013年至2015年期间增速为41.4%。这种增长速度,仅仅靠富人消费是支撑不起来的。”在中国中产已经成为游艇消费的主要群体,游艇行业在中国巨大的市场。“500多万人口的芬兰地理位置和黑龙江相似,有冬季的影响,每年有四个月适合开展游艇运动,平均每7人拥有一艘,85%的游艇是6米以下小艇。”陈雷经过调研发现,芬兰与黑龙江省自然条件接近,内陆水系发达。“仅在黑龙江推广游艇,也可以大有作为,更何况大陆内地其他地理条件更好的城市。”从这几期的游艇驾驶培训班的报名中就可以看出,游艇已经逐步在亲民化。陈雷表示,学习游艇的人群已经从当年企业负责人云集,逐渐扩展到高级白领。 近几年,中国先后制订实施了鼓励支持游艇产业融合发展的产业政策,明确提出2017年全国将初步形成互联互通的游艇休闲旅游路线网络,培育形成游艇大众消费市场。相关的主题文章: