Zhang Jizhong hit his wife’s home smashed the door was sprayed pepper running man 20130908

Zhang Jizhong’s wife home smashed the door was pepper sprayed Zhang Jizhong producer Zhang Jizhong and his wife fan Xin man divorce war continued to spread, at noon yesterday, received the media broke the news that Zhang Jizhong and his brother went to Beijing home, and at home fan Xin man and others played a dispute physical conflict, the scene was chaos. Police then dispatched, the two lawyers also arrived at the scene. The reasons of the conflict: the conflict of origin for each one sticks to his argument from the statement, Zhang Jizhong and fan Xin man two gives two different argument. According to Fan Xinman, a party insider said, this time Zhang Jizhong and his brother often come harassment threatened Fan Xinman for divorce, before even smashed home camera. The day of the incident, Zhang Jizhong is with a group of people came to the house once again threatened, not only smashed the door, took fan Xin man’s mobile phone, and hid in the car refused to get off the return. One insider Zhang Jizhong said, take personal belongings yesterday, Zhang Jizhong and his brother two people home, fan Xin man and found a man lying in bed. Zhang Jizhong angry brother however, the two sides quarrel, dispute among other brother Zhang Jizhong played, Zhang Jizhong was also the fan Xin man sprayed pepper, not open eyes once open. Then the fan Xin man together with Xiao Qi gathered a group of unidentified people surrounded Zhang Jizhong’s car and refused to leave. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed face shot, to the hospital for medical clearance of the fan Xin man wearing a hat down always silent. Then the staff out of the interview, and said fan Xin man "particularly bad mood, now not the result of mobile phone, haven’t got it back, because they hit the mobile phone to shoot video." The so-called "fan Xin man and a man together, because Zhang Jizhong these days every day to come harassment, they find the security personnel. Pepper water is not true. Fan Xin man insider broke the news: Zhang Jizhong as early as three years ago by fan Xin man overhead according to a claim to have worked briefly in Ji culture the insider claimed, fan Xin man don’t want a divorce, "since the end of the year, they had no money, if not divorce, the money (Jamie Culture) it is their." The insider is revealed, Zhang Jizhong is fan Xin man Jamie frame vacated culture as early as three years ago, in addition to several projects are now in the hands of Jin Yong, and has no Ji cultural affairs. But he said now is the culture of Fan Ji Xin man made a Ponzi scheme, "they are running again but then quanqian quanqian, for four years, not as a project." In August 30th, the media suddenly exposed director Zhang Jizhong’s wife fan Xin man derailed his son’s message, in this regard, fan Xin man night held a press conference to counterattack, she said Zhang Jizhong had a "mistress", and announced on the spot of the so-called "illegitimate child" photos. Subsequently, Zhang Jizhong rebuked the fan Xin man in the story said is not true. With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: