Zhang Wailong Hongkou Stadium turf top national weather preparation-incubus

Zhang Wailong: the Hongkou turf national top good weather changes for Zhang Wailong (data plan) Shanghai Hongkou stadium erratic rain, seemed to tell people the night destined not calm. The first half of the pouring rain symbolizes Shenhua violent storm like attack, but the second half was brought to a sudden change in the situation, but also a worth about Lifan counterattack. Last night, in 0 to 2 behind the case, Lifan in the entire second half with Shenhua kuanggong, and by Wang Dong and Fernando equalised. At this point, left in the League 5, Lifan has reached 31 points, 9 points and second from leading yatai. Last season, Lifan is also in the Mid Autumn Festival to win in Nanjing, got valuable relegation scores, and the Mid Autumn Festival this year Lifan again big point to avoid relegation. The same day, Shanghai Lifan heavy rain to prepare to Shanghai typhoon, Lifan team did not even get a chance to adapt to the venue, before the training is in the hotel gym for. However, this incident can serve to remind Lifan to prepare. "In fact, Hongkou grass is one of the best in the country, we are not worried about." "It’s important for us to prepare for the weather," said one assistant coach." Indeed, on the morning of the match, Shanghai rain has not stopped the real, players wore long nail shoes. The war has always been the tradition in the north of Lifan, but players more and more cases, this advantage is not particularly obvious, but is in Shenhua devil home court, anything is possible. It is worth mentioning that the continuation of Zhang wailong game lineup, consisting of Fernando and Wang Dong in Kaerdeke, attacking more and more understanding of the situation, he is confident and Shenhua have a fight. 0 to 2 behind is not thought of, we thought it would lose the ball, but did not expect to be less than the ratio of 2 to 0." After the game, Zhang wailong bluntly the half-time score is surprising. "The main thing is that we have a problem with our defense and too many mistakes have led to the loss of the ball." Objectively speaking, if not Lifan is prepared, the half-time score may not be 0 than 2. In Shenhua’s force, the Lifan three line of retreat, but Fernando missed a single pole, the first half they don’t have too much of a threat to the Shenhua gate. Zhang Wailong adjusted very quickly, at the beginning of the second half he let Kardec more in the right ball, Wang Dong and Fernando’s former inserted repeatedly threatened to Shenhua gate. The first goal is Kardec right pass made in front of the chaos, second goals also assists Fernando Kardec on the right. "We have to study them in Shenhua, 20 minutes before the fight is very fierce, but the second half of the performance will decline." The game Zhang Wailong only for a person, but it was replaced by Wang Weicheng Tan Wangsong, and served as defensive midfielder, who created the equaliser. After the game, Zhang Wailong also gave praise to Wang: "we want to use him in the middle of the attack speed, catching and passing ability of each other to initiate, in fact he is also very Xiang相关的主题文章: