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Zhengzhou abandoned girl family is still no news, police looking forward to their relatives appear (Figure) – new net in Zhengzhou, February, 23 (Han Zhangyun) recently, Zhengzhou City, a year old girl attracted many people’s attention. One day before the eve of the lunar new year, the girl was abandoned by a young woman in McDonald’s restaurant. For more than half a month, the girls have learned to walk and call them "parents" under the careful care of the police families who take temporary care of the girls". Yue Haopeng, a police officer who took care of the girl, told reporters that the girl was very clever, and he hoped that the relatives of the girl would appear as soon as possible, and give the child a complete home. On February 6th, a McDonald’s restaurant near the intersection of Zhengzhou, Jianshe Road, Tongbai, the clerk alarm, a girl abandoned by her family. That is, from that day, 18 days, the police Yue Haopeng and the girl to establish the feelings of relatives. "Wait for a day in the police station, also did not see someone called the police, looking for children, then the new year immediately, and I took her back to my home, take care of." Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau Jianshe Road Branch Public Security Management Service squadron vice captain Yue Haopeng told reporters, did not expect the child in his house for more than half a month, the child’s family has not heard. For the sudden arrival of a new member of the family, Yue Haopeng’s wife and 7 year old son was pleasantly surprised, and also liked the little girl, and named it "Dudu"". For more than half a month, Yue Haopeng and his wife have bought new clothes, bought milk powder, toys, and taught children to walk, learn to call "father", "mother"". "Toot good, a little shy, not noisy. The little guy has a good appetite, he can eat, he can sleep, and he sticks to my wife. When I first came home, I had to help her to walk, and now I can walk by myself, and also call my father ‘mother’." Talking about the new changes of Dudu, Yue Haopeng felt very happy. While the doodle is properly taken care of, the police are also investigating the incident area to monitor and visit the masses to search for their loved ones, but so far there is no effective clue. After the media exposure, many people expressed willingness to adopt Dudu, but Yue Haopeng still want to wait for Dudu’s relatives appear. "After all, the child can grow up healthily with her own parents, so I hope Dudu’s parents will come home soon." Yue Haopeng said that his family has no conditions for long-term adoption of Dudu, if not really, the Public Security Bureau will toot toot sent to welfare homes, so that good people through legal procedures to give children a complete home. (end)

郑州被弃女童家人仍无音信 民警盼其亲属出现(图)-中新网   中新网郑州2月23日电(韩章云)近日,郑州市一名一岁左右的女童引起许多人的关注。除夕前一天,该女童被一名年轻女子遗弃在麦当劳餐厅。半个多月以来,在临时照顾女童的民警家庭的细心呵护下,女童已经学会走路,会叫“爸妈”。照顾女童的民警岳浩鹏告诉记者,女童很乖巧,他希望女童的亲属尽快出现,给孩子完整的家。   2月6日,郑州市建设路桐柏路口附近的一家麦当劳餐厅店员报警,一名女童被家人遗弃。也就是从那一天开始,18天里,民警岳浩鹏一家和这名女童建立了亲人般的感情。   “在派出所等了一天也没见有人报警找孩子,那时候马上就过年了,我就把她带回我家先照顾着。”郑州市公安局建设路分局治安管理服务中队副队长岳浩鹏告诉记者,没想到孩子在他家一住就是大半个月,孩子的家人至今没有音信。   对于家中突然到来的新成员,岳浩鹏的妻子和7岁的儿子觉得很惊喜,也都很喜欢这个小姑娘,并为其取名“嘟嘟”。半个多月以来,岳浩鹏和妻子为嘟嘟添置了新衣服,买了奶粉、玩具,并教会了孩子走路、学会叫“爸爸”“妈妈”。   “嘟嘟很乖,一点都不认生,不闹人。小家伙胃口好得很,能吃饭,能睡觉,很黏我媳妇。刚来家的时候得扶着她才敢走,现在已经会自己走路了,也会叫‘爸爸’‘妈妈’了。”说起嘟嘟的新变化,岳浩鹏觉得很幸福。   在嘟嘟得到妥当照顾的同时,民警也在通过调查事发区域监控、走访群众大力寻找嘟嘟的亲人,但是至今没有有效线索。经媒体曝光后,许多人表示愿意收养嘟嘟,但是岳浩鹏还是想等嘟嘟的亲人出现。   “孩子毕竟跟着自己的亲生父母才能健康成长,所以我希望嘟嘟的爸妈尽快出现把嘟嘟带回家。”岳浩鹏表示,他的家庭没有条件长期收养嘟嘟,如果实在不行,公安局会把嘟嘟送到福利院,让好心人通过法律程序给孩子一个完整的家。(完)相关的主题文章: