Zhong Hanliang Xiong Baojiang set rotation jump high sweet picture Shuying-t420s

Zhong Hanliang Xiong Baojiang set high jump picture rotation Shuying sweet two people took the play around the Tencent entertainment according to detective Zhao Wuer Zhong Hanliang now reports, and beauty Jiang Shuying cooperation drama currently filming in Xiamen on the same day, warm, white skirt fluttering fairies overflowing is Jiang Shuying turn around, next to a white lace dress and jacket. Jiang Shuying giving her the same ball head beauty in guiding her, they have the same hair the same height even makeup temperament is also not much difference. See Jiang Shuying practiced hard, do not know is not encouraged, while Zhong Hanliang made a stay while youmoyouyang turned a circle. Zhong Hanliang suddenly go back two steps ran up and hugged Jiang Shuying two revolutions. Jiang Shuying smile Huazhiluanchan, director enough sweetness is not enough Coushang them to a push to sugar! Zhong Hanliang bear Baojiang Shuying went round and round, end up sister Zhong Hanliang also very concerned about his performance, I have to go to the front of the monitor to view your playback. The next day, Zhong Hanliang put on a gray suit, a pair of urban white-collar elite appearance, Jiang Shuying becomes short hair style sitting on the steps, the two men took the lines in the play. Change of scene transitions, Jiang Shuying put on a denim shirt and high waist jeans, students look full of gas, two bright white legs than white people around several color, holding a small fan, a character from the goddess as linjiaxiaomei. This scene seems to be about two personal things, Jiang Shuying rode a bike to Zhong Hanliang and take a drink to amuse him, two people laughing and talking, Zhong Hanliang also after Jiang Shuying behind to push her one, have to say the CP is really sweet dead person

钟汉良熊抱江疏影 片场旋转跳跃画面高甜 转圈两人撘戏腾讯娱乐讯 据名侦探赵五儿报道,钟汉良眼下和大美女江疏影合作的新戏正在厦门拍得热乎, 当天,白裙飘飘仙气四溢的江疏影正在原地转圈儿,旁边还有个穿着白色蕾丝夹克,和江疏影梳着同样丸子头的美女在指导她,俩人有同样的发型同样的身高连妆容气质也相差不多。 看江疏影练得认真,不知道是不是受到鼓舞,钟汉良一边发着呆一边有模有样地转了一个圈。 突然钟汉良退后两步跑上来一把抱住江疏影转了两下。江疏影笑得花枝乱颤,导演还嫌甜度不够凑上来把俩人往一块推继续发糖!钟汉良熊抱江疏影旋转个不停,撩完妹的钟汉良还很在意自己的表现,每每都要跑到监视器前查看自己的回放。 转天,钟汉良又换上了灰色西装外套,一副都市白领精英的模样,江疏影则变成短发造型坐在台阶上,两个人拿着台词本在对戏。 转场换景,江疏影换上了牛仔衬衣和高腰牛仔裤,看上去学生气十足,两条明晃晃的大白腿比周围人白好几个色号,手上拿着小风扇,一下子从气质女神变为邻家小妹。 这一场戏似乎是讲两个人年轻时的事,江疏影骑着自行车到钟汉良跟前,拿一杯饮料逗他,两个人有说有笑,钟汉良还追在江疏影身后推了她一把,不得不说这对CP真的是甜死个人了相关的主题文章: